Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson celebrate ‘beauty of life’ after surviving COVID-19

“I am celebrating the beauty of this life, the blessings God has given, and my continued good health, even now as a COVID 19 survivor,” she wrote. “Please take a moment today to acknowledge the amazing creation your bodies are and to thank it for doing so much.”

Watch James Corden’s Star-Studded “Homefest” With Billie Eilish, BTS, Dua Lipa and More

“Tonight, we just really wanted to make a show to try and bring some joy and some music into your home at is without question one of the strangest and scariest moments in all of our lives,” he said from behind his makeshift Late Late Show desk. “Tonight, is about bringing people together to keep […]

How Terrence McNally inspired ‘Ragtime’s’ most moving musical moments

There was a beautiful moment in it when the character Mother was saying goodbye to Father before his expedition, and he wrote, “Goodbye, my love, God bless you. And I suppose, bless America too.” We read that and thought, “That must be a lyric for a song.” I started writing the music, Lynn developed the […]

Watch BTS, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish Perform on Special Edition of ‘Corden’

During the special, BTS performed “Boy With Luv” from South Korea after checking in with fans from quarantine. “I think it’s quite a difficult time for everyone in the world right now,” member RM said. “It may seem like we’re isolated, but we’re still connected.”

Cheryl reveals her biggest red carpet beauty secrets

“I kind of wing it on the day. It’s nice to spend time with my glam team beforehand, so we all know what page we’re on, but the inspiration is usually based on what I’m wearing. I’ll choose my dress first and then decide on hair and make-up. Oh, and I always wear heels. I […]

Beauty queen shares make-up free photos of her acne – and is stunned by the reaction

She said: “You shouldn’t have to hide away from acne. I’m very guilty of over-editing pictures and feeling like I need to airbrush pictures to be at a certain standard for social media, until I just decided one day that I couldn’t carry on doing that.

9 Genius Travel Beauty Tips from Flight Attendants (and the Products They Swear By)

Stick With Cream MakeupPack a few key cream makeup products (think: concealer, blush and eye shadow) to easily apply from your seat, without needing a bunch of tools on-hand. “The concept behind this routine is that everything can be easily applied using fingers or a Beautyblender (no brushes needed!), which saves space and makes it […]

Rihanna ‘disappointed’ over Fenty Beauty being considered ‘groundbreaking’

“I’m shocked by people saying, ‘Oh my god, what made you think of making make-up for black girls?’” the singer addmitted. “I’m like, ‘What? You thought this was like, a marketing strategy? Like I’m a genius?’ It’s shocking most of the time.”

Wings of the nightingale famed for its beautiful birdsong are SHRINKING due to climate change

However, only recently was it conclusively determined that climate change was also triggering shrinking body sizes, with a US team reporting in December that migratory birds in North America have shrunk over the last 40 years.

Inside Chloe Radford’s glamorous life – Sue Radford’s third child of 21 who works as a make-up artist and lives at home

We previously revealed how Sue is “panicking” because she doesn’t have a name for baby number 22 – as she prepares to give birth in lockdown.