“I’m A Person, Not The Harbinger Of Some Cultural Apocalypse”: Traveling In Texas While Trans

Cisgender reporters are often so fascinated by the mere existence of transgender people that they treat us more like exotic zoo animals than human beings. They ask boilerplate questions like “When did you know?” or “How does it feel?” or the ever-popular but remarkably invasive “Do you want the surgery?” When I interview other transgender […]

Latest Emotet malware disguises itself as a Windows Update

Malware Trends Tracker names Emotet as the most widely spread piece of malware in the world. It was initially just a banking Trojan when first recorded in 2014 but has evolved so that it now downloads and installs other malware, including TrickBot, QBot, and ransomware, while sending out more malicious emails from the infected machine. […]

The procrastinator’s guide to Colorado’s 2020 ballot

University of Colorado Board of Regents Story GOP could lose control of University of Colorado Board of Regents for the first time in 4 decades

Brauchler: A metro area suburban Dad’s last-minute, unconventional guide to ballot issues

By 2040, more than 1.4 million Coloradans will be north of age 65 (I may be one of them, so I can make a few jokes at our expense). Meanwhile, the legislature refuses to prioritize funding to improve our roads, which suck. More bingo opportunities likely mean fewer older drivers on the road. Less left […]

Discount cigarette companies sue Colorado over tobacco tax ballot measure, allege “backroom deal” with Philip Morris

Discount cigarettes, which grew in popularity after a massive settlement in the 1990s between the federal government and tobacco companies, sell in Colorado at average prices between $3.80 to $5.32 per pack, the lawsuit says. In contrast, a pack of Marlboro sells for $6.55. That means the price increase for low cost cigarettes would be […]

Sky to open network of high street stores across UK

Last October, BT launched a revamp its 615 retail stores across the UK using its high street presence to push its goal of being viewed as a British “national champion”. The relaunch of the EE store chain – BT acquired the mobile company for £12.5bn in 2015 – with co-branding marked the first time the […]

Some supporters of Keith Raniere, ex-leader of alleged cult NXIVM, keep fighting for him

Elliot said he also believes Raniere is innocent, “but we didn’t want to come and speak to the nation to get everyone to think that you need to believe us,” he said. “That’s not why we wanted to do this. When we’re talking about justice, what we’re talking about is, it’s easy to support Keith […]

Huawei ban timeline: Chinese company’s CFO to testify in extradition case

Oct. 23, 2019: Huawei launches the Mate X foldable phone in China and celebrates hitting 200 million phone shipments two months sooner than it did last year. Also, the company’s cybersecurity chief says it’d be easier to bribe telecom staff than build backdoors into networks.

Brady bests Rodgers in superstar matchup

Brady completed 17 of 27 passes for 166 yards and two scores, and Ronald Jones rushed for 113 yards and two touchdowns as the Buccaneers handed the Packers their first loss of the season.