The Greatest Dancer presenter Jordan Banjo says racist bullies made his life hell

Jordan says: “We haven’t set a wedding date. Nay thinks, ‘Oh we’ve got a couple of kids – he’s not going to propose’. But I 100% am. Although there’s a lot of pressure about the first dance – everyone’s going to expect something spectacular.”

From school to the salon! Coleen Rooney takes advantage of her three boys’ return to class with a pamper session at the hairdressers

‘This will mean that a judge can actually get to the crux of the case — and make those involved put up or shut up. It should mean things can finally get moving and dealt with quickly.

Head boy Matt Hancock’s touch of Apocalypse Now… for the freshers: HENRY DEEDES watches the Health Secretary announcing the Bolton lockdown

Labour’s health spokesman Jonathan Ashworth referred to people in Devon being advised to cross the sea over to Swansea. ‘The Secretary of State may walk on water,’ said Ashworth. ‘Most constituents can’t.’ And Philippa Whitford (SNP, C Ayrshire) knew of people in Plymouth who had been told to go to Inverness.

Mum wants to shave toddler’s monobrow but not everyone agrees

One person also gave the woman some helpful advice: “A good rule of thumb is: do not do anything to your child’s body that isn’t either (a) important on health grounds; or (b) at the child’s own request. That would definitely rule out shaving a toddler’s face!”

Tuesday briefing: Brexit talks head for bitter end

Journalists forced to flee China – Two Australian foreign correspondents in China have been urgently flown home after a tense diplomatic standoff. It comes as China is accused of using “hostage diplomacy” against journalists from countries whose leaders have criticised its Communist party government. The ABC’s Bill Birtles took sanctuary in the Australian embassy in […]

Recap: Saoirse Ronan Explains How to Pronounce Her Name

Against a backdrop of animated lollipops, a group of girls (Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and Ronan) sing a song for the guys. They know it’s been tough for men, finding out powerful heroes are “habitual predators” and having House of Cards ruined, but these girls have unfortunately been dealing with terrible men since […]

Inside holiday from hell where ‘narcissist’ father slapped his daughter in public and attacked his son before killing them both – as it’s revealed 15-year-old Jack was so afraid of his dad he slept with a cricket bat

Three had been recorded ‘domestic violence – no offence’ including an ex-partner’s allegation that Edwards had threatened to come to her home, harm her and take her young child; and Olga Edwards’ December 2016 report of three separate violent incidents by Edwards in 2015 against Jack and Jennifer.

Who is Donald Trump?

Now, the assumption here is that disproportional responses are acceptable. “Oh, if you attack me by pointing out my hair is a little funny I’m going to go after you a hammer and tong. I’m going to criticize everything about you,” and the fact is that Donald doesn’t wait to be attacked before he does. […]

New from Amazon: the drone that delivers free publicity

My 12-year-old and his friends, having consumed their increasingly substantial body weight in Haribo and Pringles, commenced screaming at each other in the neighbouring bedroom at 10:30pm. It lasted until 6am. Metallica live would have been less noisy. At various points through the long night I tapped on the door and did my unconvincing Tolerant […]

Lloyd’s of London seeks ‘culture change’ at the 333-year-old firm

“Claims are already being paid out. We’ve been in touch with government to make sure our first response units are on the ground doing the job you want them to do – and that’s really part of our belief in the future, you know, how can we improve the life-cycle of the payment of a […]