Asian shares edge lower following Wall St retreat

Encouraging economic data as broad swaths of economies reopened this summer have helped stoke investor optimism about a recovery. The question is whether that’s going to be enough to keep markets moving higher when so much uncertainty remains about the pandemic’s lasting impact on companies and consumers.

Ministry proposes overhaul of investment framework for power projects

Meanwhile, the sector has become more dependent on imports of raw input material. Vietnam has had to import coal and soon liquefied natural gas (LNG). By the ministry’s projection, the country will have to import up to 60 million tonnes of coal and 12 million tones of LNG in 2030, which puts the country’s energy […]

Why Contact-Tracing Apps Haven’t Slowed Covid-19 in the US

As Covid-19 spread across the United States this spring, Jodie Pond, the health director in Teton County, Wyoming, looked forward to deploying a new weapon against the pandemic. Technologists were racing to create apps that would quickly and quietly identify people who had been close to others who were infected. This process of “contact tracing” […]

Djokovic’s breakaway players body has blindsided ATP council: Anderson

“I don’t agree with how they’re going about it and the method. I will always respect their effort to help the players, I think that’s a great thing. But that’s what we’ve done in the council and what we continue to do.”

Electric bike and scooter sales boom spurs Halford back to growth

“Lockdown has shown there’s a huge appetite for cycling in the UK if the conditions are right, not just in terms of riding for pleasure but also for making those short essential journeys people might have used public transport for previously,” said Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK’s head of campaigns.

Iceland creates 3,000 new jobs to cope with online grocery demand

“We see no sign of a slowdown in the demand for deliveries in the run up to Christmas, so a recruitment drive for more permanent staff was essential. Our store and delivery colleagues have gone above and beyond during lockdown introducing incredible measures to help their local communities, and I’m proud that our business has […]

Meet This Year’s WIRED25: People Who Are Making Things Better

Piccirillo untangled the 50-year-old Conway knot in a single week, working on the mathematical challenge in the evening as self-assigned homework. She’s now been published in the prestigious Annals of Mathematics and has landed a tenure-track position at MIT.

Join Us for This Year’s Virtual WIRED25 Celebration

It bears repeating: 2020 has been … less than awesome. And every day seems to bring a new horseman of the apocalyptic variety. But WIRED has a salve. For three Wednesdays, starting September 16, WIRED will feature conversations with the artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and executives who are working to make things better. And it’s free.

AI Ruined Chess. Now, It’s Making the Game Beautiful Again

Wednesday, Kramnik presented some ideas for how to restore some of the human art to chess, with help from a counterintuitive source—the world’s most powerful chess computer. He teamed up with Alphabet artificial intelligence lab DeepMind, whose researchers challenged their superhuman game-playing software AlphaZero to learn nine variants of chess chosen to jolt players into […]

Google’s AI Declares Galactic War on

Researchers have built bots for the original version of StarCraft for years, using an unofficial, open-source plugin. Churchill says those bots so far are mediocre players that rely mostly on tactics coded by their designers, rather than machine learning, to build up their own grasp of the game.