National Guard called in to quell violence in Los Angeles

There were protests in cities throughout California, from San Diego to San Francisco. In Emeryville, just east of San Francisco, Mayor Christian Patz said Target, Best Buy and other box stores were burglarized, with thieves stealing electronics and other items. Stores in the city closed early Saturday as part of a shelter-in-place order following violent […]

Iranian Protests Pose New Challenges To The Regime’s Future

Thousands of protesters took to the streets against the regime after it admitted shooting down an Ukrainian airliner Jan. 8 during the regime’s retaliatory missile strikes that followed Soleimani’s death. Protests fueled by Iran’s political and economic isolation have challenged the regime for the past two years, with many people infuriated by the country’s funding […]

A History of Violence: Why I Loved Cop Shows, and Why They Must Change

If Dragnet was designed in part to whitewash the actions of the real LAPD, its spiritual opposite from that era accomplished something similar, albeit for different reasons. Arguably the most admirable main character TV has ever seen is Andy Taylor from The Andy Griffith Show: a gentle, wise, friendly, superhumanly relaxed man who also happened […]

25 Defining Moments From

New Villains, Finally — “Blink” (2007)Doctor Who ever made, and yet the Doctor’s participation in it is minimal. Starring a considerably less well-known Carey Mulligan as its central figure Sally Sparrow, it plays like a stand-alone piece of horror-infused sci-fi. Steven Moffat toyed with dramatic structure via time travel in “Blink” in a way that […]