Hà Nội man among latest positive COVID-19 patients

He also travelled to his wife’s shop on Nguyễn Quý Đức Street in Thanh Xuân District and on July 19, returned to his home town, Cầu Village in Yên Phúc Commune in northern Nam Định Province.

Twitter data shows that COVID-19 has us depressed. But one place is providing hope

In a 2015 study, for example, Stanford researchers sent people out for one of two walks: through a local park or on a busy street. Those who walked in nature showed improved moods and better memory performance compared to the urban group. And a team led by Gina South of the University of Pennsylvania showed […]

In memory of our heroes in the Mumbai police

37 Sanjay More Age 53 Last post held Head Constable, Samta Nagar police station On June 3, the day Cyclone Nisarga struck Mumbai, More, head constable with the Samta Nagar Police Station’s crime (detection) team, did a doubleduty shift as the city averted a major crisis. As was his nature, he did so without complaint. […]

Burrito crisis: We leap to a convenient future in this pandemic, and risk losing everything

At that point, I hope the impact of convenience becomes starkly apparent, with the sudden lack of choices, higher prices that contribute to wealth disparity, and the diminishing human connection. I hope people miss the benefit of immersing themselves in a different culture for a few minutes each month, and learning where the food came […]

Pandemic norms put Bhopal’s sex workers in a bind

Still, to ensure her daughter’s schooling continues, Kajal can’t depend entirely on her husband, who makes a mere ₹5,000 a month. Moreover, there is the added burden of paying ₹4,000 rent for a one-room apartment she and three other sex workers have taken. “Several workers have given up such rooms. They now visit the client’s […]

Viral Video Seemed to Show BLM Storming a Church. The Real Story is Much Darker

The belligerence is the point. The persecution is the point. The attention is the point. Another church Gerencser pastored was in West Unity, Ohio — located in what, at the time, was one of the last dry counties in the state. “The VFW right across the street from our church, they wanted to get a […]

‘Nick is our priority’: Flooded home another tragedy for injured Baton Rouge deputy Nick Tullier’s family

His 83-year-old mother is living with 10 dogs — nine of them hers, one she took in after the flooding — on the second floor of the damaged house because her trailer home flooded. James Tullier’s other two sons also were displaced by the damage to their homes. Tullier, 62, is staying in a motor […]

Coronavirus live updates: 5 million coronavirus cases in US, most in world

4:29 p.m. California has a lot at stake as D.C. falters: California had a lot riding on the stimulus relief package that hit a standstill in Washington on Friday. The Democrats’ version would release at least $14 billion that California officials are counting on in the state budget. Without it, steep cuts will hit the […]

Coronavirus news from the Bay Area: August 7-8

10:08 a.m. New rapid bus for East Bay: Mass transit in the Bay Area has plunged as people fear coronavirus transmission, but in a striking parallel development, bus rapid transit will start Sunday in East Oakland. AC Transit’s new “Tempo” line promises ease and speed with bus-only lanes along a roughly 10-mile route and 46 […]

Professor: Level of Crisis in US is Extreme, it Takes the Country Back to Great Depression of 1930s

And in that desperation, they will go back to work, even if the store or the restaurant that employs them gives them lower wages than they got before the pandemic, which they are free to do. There is no government program that prevents employers from taking away from workers if they come back. That’s what […]