A report released by the MoIT shows that during the first eight months of the year, the local garment and textile industry contributed approximately US$22 billion to the country’s overall export turnover, despite recording declines of more than 11% compared to the same period last year. Indeed, resurgence of novel coronavirus outbreaks globally has also […]

‘People told me my plans for a skincare firm were crazy’

But the more she thought about it, the more she realised that there was a gap in the market for a luxury, all-natural skincare company. So despite having no experience in the cosmetics industry – she was an industrial engineer who worked in property development – she decided to launch her own business.

Ireland Warns UK Against ‘Undermining’ Brexit Withdrawal Deal, Cautions ‘Breach of Trust’

“Is this political gamesmanship or is there really a piece of legislation that’s going to emerge this week, which is contrary to the withdrawal agreement. We’ll have to wait and see,” Coveney commented to national broadcaster RTE. Reports have emerged alleging that London could be planning updates to the EU withdrawal agreement – the Internal […]

UK urges ‘more realism’ from EU ahead of crucial post-Brexit talks

“If they can’t do that in the very limited time we have left, then we will be trading on terms like those the EU has with Australia, and we are ramping up our preparations for the end of the year.”

EasyJet to cut flights as it criticises UK Covid quarantine rules

An increase in Covid-19 cases across Europe has triggered fresh quarantine restrictions on travellers. The UK government on Monday removed seven Greek islands from the list of locations that are exempt from 14-day quarantine, adding to quarantine requirements for travellers returning from countries including Spain, France, Belgium and Austria.

Brexit flare-up is seen spurring demand for UK’s bond offering

“On the one hand, the last BOE meeting boosted market hopes of another round of quantitative easing and seemed to downplay the odds of negative rates,” Bouvet said. “On the other, the approaching Brexit deadline and trash talking ahead of the next round of negotiations is dampening risk appetite,” prompting investors to favor safer assets, […]

More than HALF of medium-sized businesses are planning to axe jobs within WEEKS as the Government’s furlough scheme ends

Leaders of medium-sized businesses have expressed concern over funding arrangements, with a third saying they can’t continue trading for longer than six months based on their current outlook, according to the BDO survey.

Brexit: the UK economy is on a knife edge

To gauge the impact of the EU referendum outcome on a monthly basis, the Guardian has chosen eight economic indicators, along with the value of the pound and the performance of the FTSE 100. Economists made forecasts for seven of those barometers before their release, and in three cases the outcome was worse than expected. […]

Prices for Italian Wine May Rise in UK Unless Brexit Deal Found, Chamber of Commerce Says

“With no deal, the relationship will be damaged, and it could take a very long time for us to get back … So a deal is absolutely essential. We expect politicians and negotiators to do that job. A deal is possible, it is achievable. If it is not achieved, it is a political failure,” he […]

Brexit: Ministers to unveil law on policing UK trade

Minister: New bill will ‘break international law’ Ministers unveil post-Brexit powers for UK nations Fresh row over devolved powers after Brexit What do I need to know about Brexit now? The legislation will see Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland handed powers in areas such as air quality and building efficiency currently regulated at EU level.