Microsoft Surface Duo to launch on September 10 at $1,399

Microsoft has finally revealed that it will be launching its dual-screen Android smartphone — Surface Duo on September 10. The price starts at $1,399 and the company has started taking pre-orders in the US. Customers can pre-order the device from AT&T, Microsoft online store, and Best Buy. Microsoft Surface Duo features two separate displays — […]

Microsoft Surface Duo Will Cost $1,399 on September 10

Surface Neo, a Windows foldable at an event in October, but the Neo has seemingly been shelved while the company continues to work on Windows 10X.Andromeda, thought to be a Windows-based, pocketable foldable, was rumored, seemingly taking up the mantle of the canceled Courier.

The many sides of Microsoft’s new two-screen Suface Duo phone

The phone’s two halves are connected by a hinge—a mechanical affordance that the Surface team has plenty of experience with, having gone through multiple generations of kickstands for its Surface Pro tablets. The one on the Duo feels robust, rotates 180 degrees, and stays put wherever you leave it, giving the device a wealth of […]

Forget the Microsoft Duo: LG’s Dual Screen devices offer more for hundreds less

There are some software enhancements Microsoft is offering for its suite of products and also a customized Kindle app from Amazon. I would love to see Amazon offer the same for devices like the LG Velvet or V60 too, but an app or two isn’t enough justification to buy a less capable device.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo arrives on September 10th for $1,399

Microsoft has created APIs for dual-screen apps to work in the Android codebase, and it plans to upstream them for other manufacturers and third parties to use. It’s part of a broader push to make dual-screen and foldable devices a reality, and Panay is very much a believer in this future. “I believe that two […]

PlayStation 4 Pro review – powerful, impressive and yet to really come into its own

Performance It’s up to developers to decide how they implement the capabilities of PS4 Pro, and it’s going to vary a lot from studio to studio. Sony has released a list of current and forthcoming titles that support 4K and HDR visuals and it’s quite impressive with big blockbusters like Fifa, Battlefield and Rise of […]

Microsoft’s Dual-Screen Duo Is Here. The Timing’s Not Great

In a virtual briefing hosted yesterday by Microsoft communications executive Frank Shaw and chief product officer Panos Panay, the duo (pun intended) tossed to colleagues in neighboring rooms and to designers standing six feet apart in a lab, all of whom tried valiantly to make a case for this hybrid product. It is a sleek, […]

Microsoft brings Xbox games to your mobile phone

More from Microsoft Xbox Series X to launch in November – but Halo fans will be disappointed Details of NHS deals with tech giants released by government after legal threat Microsoft’s Surface Duo: Specifications revealed for new dual-screen smartphone Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft board to focus on philanthropy Microsoft admits using contractors to […]

Google to Microsoft: Nice Windows 10 patch – but it’s incomplete

“What this means is that an AppContainer can perform Network Authentication as long as it specifies a valid target name to InitializeSecurityContext, it doesn’t matter if the network address is a registered proxy or not. This is probably not by design, but then this behavior only warrants a few throw-away comments with no in-depth detail […]

Xbox Game Pass is the next generation of Microsoft gaming, not Xbox Series X

Suddenly Microsoft’s proposition is not to get you to buy the Xbox Series X on day one, but rather entice you to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This is an affordable way to get access to games on mass, including those touted as Xbox Series X titles. Games such as Avowed, the new Fable […]