ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, India vs New Zealand, semi-final Weather Report: Rain gets heavier again in Manchester

India and New Zealand have not played each other yet in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 after their league match was washed out without a ball being bowled at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on June 13, during a week which saw many number of matches affected by rain.

Google Home devices in Preview Program are in danger of being bricked by update

Editors’ Recommendations Google Assistant is now used by half a billion people around the world Microsoft will never win the search engine wars by forcing people to use Bing How to quickly set up your Google Home, Home Mini, or Nest Hub Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which service is the streaming king? Guest mode abruptly […]

Big sugar and the ‘big flaw’ in Australia’s federal health programs

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Democratic congressman blasts impeachment hearings, says process reminds him of ‘third-world nations’

“I don’t know how they’re going to vote on impeachment, and that’s going to fascinate me as well, because some folks sort of change their mind a little bit during the… inquiry process. What I do know is there are many good moderate Democrats that truly want to get things done that do want to be […]

Trump Misses the Signs That North Korea’s Dictator Isn’t Really His Friend

One person who hasn’t seemed concerned is President Trump himself. Even as experts pointed out that no disarmament was happening, Trump continued to tout the quality and depth of what he and Kim had built throughout 2018. Who could forget his “we fell in love” riff at a fall campaign rally, after Kim wrote him […]

On the streets of Tehran, relief for now at no wider conflict with U.S.

Ali Fathollah-Nejad, an Iran expert at the Brookings Doha Center, said the Iranian government has used Suleimani’s death to create “a nationalistic moment” and keep the flames of conflict with Washington simmering without risking a full-blown war that might endanger the regime’s survival.

U.S.-Taliban May Have Breakthrough Deal — Now All Afghans Must Be Heard

But then comes the hardest question: with whom to negotiate? Washington will have to exert significant pressure and offer some rewards to keep Ghani’s government engaged — understandably, since it fears signing its own death warrant. But there is another problem that Ghani’s team and Trump’s share with their predecessors: a reluctance to broaden the […]

Astronomers get the best look at interstellar comet that fits right in with our solar system

(CNN)It’s only the second observed “interloper” to cross into our solar system, but interstellar comet 21/Borisov looks incredibly similar to our own comets based on new observations by astronomers. They’re also learning new details about the comet, like the fact that it has a reddish hue, according to a new study.

Match highlights India vs New Zealand, IND vs NZ 1st semi-final live score Old Trafford, Manchester: Ross Taylor, Matt Henry help New Zealand to thrilling 18-run win, enter second successive final

7:45 PM IST Matt Henry is the Man of the Match for taking the top 3 Indian wickets: “In the break, we talked about making sure we do the best we can and play the way we wanted to play. We started well with the ball and created a lot of pressure. We had to […]

Hotels are rewarding travelers for opting out of housekeeping. But where does that leave workers?

In addition to the dirtier rooms, Bagdan said there can be other downsides to opting out of daily cleaning. Housekeepers are often first to catch maintenance and security issues, he said, pointing out that it’s good to have someone checking on a hotel room every day.