Syed Husain Bilgrami: An English scholar in Nizam’s court

Syed Husain Bilgrami was born in 1844 at Gaya, where his father held high position under the East India Company administration. He was educated at the Presidency College, Calcutta from where he graduated in English literature. In 1868 he became a Professor at the Canning College in Lucknow before joining the service of the Nizam […]

Multi-faceted Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis, the subject of today’s Google Doodle

P.C. Mahalanobis, as he is often to referred to as, was born in Calcutta on June 29, 1893. He was educated at the Brahmo Boys School, founded by Raja Ram Mohan Roy and went on to receive a B.Sc in Physics from Presidency College, Kolkata. He followed this by going to the University of Cambridge […]

A church chronicle

The building is history in stone, and despite its solidity, appears as a weightless dream in pale white. Its Ionic columns at the entrance and on the sides soar above, the scroll-like volutes darkened by moss and time. The massive portico leads to the main entrance, with a plaque dedicated to the Glover brothers, who […]