Weary hikers among 148 saved from wildfire near Yosemite are seen stepping off National Guard helicopter as rescuers attempt to reach 65 others still trapped – while 25 blazes torch a record two million acres across California

He did not know if they were local people, but he said they were potentially both civilly and criminally responsible for the fire – facing jail time and a massive fine. The family could be held responsible for the entire cost of putting the fire out, amounting to many millions of dollars, he said.

More than 200 people trapped by the raging Creek wildfire near Mammoth Pool Reservoir are rescued by California National Guard’s helicopters – as state warns of blackouts amid blazes and record-breaking heatwave

Officials initially said Saturday that more than 150 people were cut off at the Mammoth Pool Reservoir in the Forest. Fire radio traffic indicated that multiple people had sustained burn injuries and others broken bones in the Creek Fire, and were being rescued by helicopter.

California Creek Fire Map, Update As ‘Phenomenal Amount’ of Sierra National Forest Burned

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) warned in its latest report Tuesday: “The heavy fuels, especially the high tree mortality, will continue to be an issue for control efforts. This combined with the limited access and difficult terrain will allow the fire to continue to spread into the forest

California Wildfires: Live Updates Sept. 8-9

8 a.m. Creek Fire forces evacuation of 35 early Tuesday: National Guard and Navy helicopters rescued 35 people trapped by the fast-moving Creek Fire at China Peak and Lake Edison early Tuesday morning. Thirteen people were evacuated from China Peak around 3 a.m., followed by two groups of 11 people removed from Lake Edison between […]

‘Worse than combat:’ Helicopters rescue hundreds from California wildfire

“The added stress and workload of going in and out of that fire is definitely by far the toughest flying I’ve ever done,” said Goding, who has flown 25 years for the Army.

One hiker dies, at least 15 are trapped and 35 are rescued as wildfires torch a record two million acres in California, decimate a town in Washington, burn through Utah and Colorado and cause 100,000 to lose power in Oregon

‘The wildfire situation throughout California is dangerous and must be taken seriously,’ Moore told AP. ‘Existing fires are displaying extreme fire behavior, new fire starts are likely, weather conditions are worsening, and we simply do not have enough resources to fully fight and contain every fire.’  

Military rescues 35 as California’s Creek Fire rages

“This is an unprecedented disaster for Fresno County,” Fresno County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Brandon Pursell told reporters at a Monday news conference. “This is one of the largest and most dangerous fires in the history of Fresno County. I don’t think everyone understands that. Playing that game of ‘how long can I wait’ is just foolish.”

Record-breaking 2.2 million acres burned by California wildfires

Climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of wildfires in the state and across the globe, according to California Environmental Protection’s Agency’s Air Resources Board. The area that’s burned by wildfires in California has been increasing in size each year since 1950, as temperatures climb, according to the Board. And more than a century […]

The West Coast Wildfire Season Is Getting Worse

About 30 miles east of San Diego, the Valley Fire has burned more than 17,000 acres in East County and was 3 percent contained as of Tuesday — having expanded nearly 70 percent on Monday. It has already forced more than 1,400 residents to evacuate, and has already destroyed more than 30 structures. Though it […]

Creek Fire Update: 60 Homes Destroyed, Over 25,000 Evacuated As Fire Burns Nearly 144,000 Acres

Along with 60 homes, the fire has destroyed 20 other minor structures and two commercial structures. However, fire officials say these numbers are fluid since the current conditions prevent damage inspection teams from surveying exactly how many structures have been damaged.