As California faces tough weeks ahead, the public will play a key role in slowing outbreak

“That’s an undercount,” Newsom said during his media briefing outside a motel in Sacramento that would be housing vulnerable homeless individuals. “We know that’s just what’s been reported to us, but there’s heightened concern around the need to do more in our congregate facilities to isolate people into shelters like this and provide those basic […]

Mass release of California prisoners weighed by judges amid coronavirus fears

Some 46,000 inmates live in open dorms with bunks two feet apart. The prison medical system reports that 45,000 of the state’s 120,000 inmates — 37% —have at least one health risk to COVID-19 infection, including 14,700 inmates with asthma.

‘Disaster’ feared if sick moved to California nursing homes

The California Association of Health Facilities, which represents most skilled nursing homes in the state, warned that many of the nursing homes lack sufficient gloves, masks and other protective supplies to limit the spread of coronavirus infections. Instead, the group is urging government officials to create separate facilities to care for COVID-19 patients who are […]

L.A. County emerges as a coronavirus center in California as deaths, cases jump

“The psychological impact of rising case counts and deaths is real, both individually and collectively, and I urge everyone to take care of their emotional health and to check in frequently with those in your extended communities,” Ferrer said. “This will be a long haul, and we have many weeks of work ahead before we […]

Vincent Development Receives Approval for Summers Ridge Senior Living in Prior Lake, MN

“The Prior Lake area has been a preferred target of our for years, but the right opportunity didn’t present itself, so we continued to develop projects in most of the other Twin Cities suburbs,” said Dale Creed Francis, co-founder and Managing Partner of Vincent Companies. “Now here we are, once again proving that patience often […]

Iowa’s Obamacare Waiver Could Test Public’s Tolerance for Sky-High Insurance Deductibles

If Donald Trump knew a lot about health-care policy instead of a little, this realization might explain a decision to place a thumb on the scales against granting Iowa’s waiver. As it is, CMS and its director Seema Verma will have to decide whether to let a Republican-run state obtain a waiver that applies Republican […]

Retired docs, nursing, med students: California wants you

LOS ANGELES (AP) — California is recruiting thousands of retired health care workers along with medical and nursing students to help as emergency hospitals that could include sites like the Los Angeles Coliseum and other sports arenas handle an anticipated flood of coronavirus patients, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday.

Cal basketball assistant coach fired in sexual harassment case

The investigation surrounding Hufnagel is part of the reason Martin — near the end of his second season in Berkeley — is still working under his original offer sheet and has yet to sign a formal contract with Cal, said a source close to the program who was granted anonymity because the person wasn’t authorized […]

California Issues First New Fracking Permits Since July

Fracking is a process for extracting oil and natural gas from rock deep below the earth’s surface. It involves shooting a mixture of water, sand and other chemicals at high pressure into rock formations, breaking them up so oil and natural gas can be pumped out.

Coronavirus Task Force Briefing Live Stream Saturday: How to Watch White House’s Latest COVID-19 Announcements

During Friday’s press conference Trump touted the benefits of the more than $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus passed by Congress and signed by him last week. He stressed that American workers and small businesses are already experiencing financial relief through loan programs and money allocated for furloughed or laid-off workers. More than 10 million U.S. workers […]