Best laptop under $500 of 2020 in stock from HP, Lenovo, Acer and more

A bright spot is you don’t have to settle for a traditional clamshell laptop with a fixed display and keyboard. You can also get a convertible laptop (otherwise known as a two-in-one), which has a screen that flips around to turn the screen into a tablet, to position it for comfortable streaming or to do […]

2017 Honda Civic Si Adds Turbo, Still Makes 205 HP

So while the peak numbers aren’t impressive, the new Civic Si should at least be a bit livelier at low and mid-range power levels, which is where drivers spend the vast majority of their motoring time anyway. Honda also says the new Civic Si is “significantly lighter than the previous generation,” this despite a more […]

Ford’s electric 1,502-hp Mustang dragster burns tires, not race fuel

Ford will show enthusiasts what the Cobra Jet 1400 is capable of during the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) U.S. Nationals taking place from September 4 to September 6, 2020. It will race against V8-powered dragsters. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to what will happen after that. The odds of it […]

Diana Rigg’s ‘The Avengers’ character Emma Peel helped make the Lotus Elan famous

The lightweight Elan was the first Lotus street car build with a steel backbone chassis and fiberglass body. It only weighed around 1,500 pounds and came powered by 1.4L and 1.5L four-cylinder engines with between 90 and 113 hp. The price was roughly $30,000 in today’s dollars, and Lotus sold approximately 12,000 during its model […]

Kubota JV to help escorts develop new markets, high-end products

The fall reflected market’s concern over the possibility of margin dilution after the JV. However, the company management clarified the doubts during an investors’ call on Tuesday, which resulted in the positive sentiment towards the stock.Kubota will have equity participation of 60 per cent in the JV to set up a plant with a capacity […]

HP tourism has no money for employee salaries

Many operators have sold their vehicles to repay bank loans for the taxis. Many of them have also demanded waiving of road taxes for a year if there is no business.

New HP Omen Wireless Gaming Peripherals Help Keep Your Desk Clear

The new batch of hardware includes the HP Omen Frequency wireless geadset and HP Omen Spacer wireless tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard. Both devices are designed with gaming in mind and use HP’s Warp 2.4 GHz wireless dongle technology, which is supposed to reduce lag by continuously scouring for the most reliable wireless frequency. 

Over 70% small, medium businesses in India bat for digital shift to weather COVID-19 impact

A vaccine works by mimicking a natural infection. A vaccine not only induces immune response to protect people from any future COVID-19 infection, but also helps quickly build herd immunity to put an end to the pandemic. Herd immunity occurs when a sufficient percentage of a population becomes immune to a disease, making the spread […]

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Is Bigger, Bolder, Available With A Diesel

Taking inspiration from aircraft technology, an available Heads-Up Display (HUD) projects an 8.5-inch virtual image onto the windshield, enabling the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road. The feature uses a system of mirrors combined with a TFT LCD display and features adjustable brightness to ensure both excellent daytime and nighttime visibility. […]

Team Germany (Audi, BMW, Mercedes) to Dominate Paris Motor Show

NEW DELHI: Next week the 2018 Paris Motor Show will begin at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Along with the auto shows in Geneva and Frankfurt, it’s among the largest car events in Europe. And yet, the splashiest thing about it may be that there won’t be much automotive energy behind it.“It seems that […]