10 new tricks WatchOS 7 will soon bring to your Apple Watch

There’s also a new heath metric that can help users get a sense of their mobility and cardiovascular capabilities. Advanced age or injuries can affect people’s balance and overall ability to move safely and effectively. The Apple Watch uses its motion sensors (as well as the motion sensors on the iPhone) to get a picture […]

HTC One mini 2 review: average by design

A small change in size leads to a big improvement in ergonomicsComparisons outside of HTC’s own smartphone range are less favorable. The cheaper Moto X has a larger 4.7-inch screen, but is physically smaller than the One mini 2. With its side-mounted power button and Active Display notifications, it’s also more convenient. The better-specced Nexus […]

Apple Watch: It’s been 5 years since my original review, and it holds up

Lots of features. Too many features?As you can see, this is a lot of stuff. Did I have fun using the watch? Yes, mostly, but there are so many features that I felt a little lost at times. There are so many ways to interact: swiping, touching, pressing harder into the display, a button and […]

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ongoing review: 7 standout and not-so-great features today

What will we test next?More S Pen gestures. I’ve tried them out, but haven’t yet found my groove.Night photography — time to scout out something worthy of photographing in an unforced way, which is tougher when streets are near-deserted and bars and restaurants operate a bustling to-go business.Pro video mode. Maybe a neighborhood squirrel will […]