A family affair! Pregnant Tori Spelling shows her support for The Rock’s new movie as she attends Moana premiere with her children

Laughter is the best medicine! The star gave a hilarious expression as he appeared to react to his wet shirt, a move which left his co-star, Auli’i Cravalho, in stitches

Dani Dyer debuts her baby bump as she steps out in a tight nude dress days after confirming she is pregnant with her first child

A source told The Sun: ‘Dani and Sammy’s split was a shock but she felt the trust had gone and that he was bringing her down. Sammy wasn’t going to let her walk out of his life without a fight and begged her to spend some time with him.

Pregnancy Brain Is Not A Myth! Read On To Know About Momnesia And Ways To Manage It

Mnemonic devices can help. When you meet a new person, you usually ask his or her name, but then forget it a little while later. Well, you could find an association which would help you remember the person’s name better. Form associations with things that are already present in your built-in memory (for instance, connecting […]

Baby treated for rare birth defect at Chennai hospital

An antenatal scan revealed that some of the baby’s internal organs were outside the body in a large sac, a condition called omphalocele. Normally, such a pregnancy would be terminated since the associated cardiac, lung and genetic problems would lower the child’s survival rate.

Vincy Aloshious gets nostalgic as she recounts her ‘Nayika Nayakan’ memories

Former Nayika Nayakan contestant Vincy Aloshious was one of the most-loved contestants in the show; due credits to her flawless performances. Vincy is cherishing the beautiful moments she had on the show as she shared a few throwback pictures and videos from the talent hunt show. “I was a person who didn’t have a bunch […]

I use STINGING NETTLES to ease my hay fever – after years of misery it’s my only relief

“I was so intrigued that I googled whether giving birth can give you hay fever and found there while there is nothing conclusive out there were quite a few other mums who had experienced the same thing.

Barbara Windsor reveals why she never had any children and how she kept making mistakes with men as new drama marks her 80th birthday

“When she was dying, I bathed her, I washed her hair and she said, ‘Who’d have thought you’d be here by my side?’ It was so nice and I thought, ‘Why couldn’t it always have been like this?’”

Frogs Surprisingly Like Humans, Genetically Speaking

At least 1,700 genes in theAfrican clawed frog genome are very similar to genes in humans that are associated with specific diseases, such as cancer, asthma, and heart disease. So finding these connections means that experiments on the frogs could help doctors learn more about how to treat those conditions in people.

Here’s why young women with polycystic ovary syndrome have higher risk of heart disease

“Previous studies have suggested that these differences diminish with age. In other words, as women without PCOS get older, they increasingly become overweight and develop high blood pressure and diabetes. In a negative sense, they catch up to their peers with PCOS,” added Williams.

Mexican national dies after apparent fall from Arizona border wall

The man was found injured in an open field near Yuma, Arizona by agents from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection on July 26, the agency said. He told agents he had plunged from the wall.