What’s the TRUTH behind England’s second wave? Imperial report warns of 100,000 daily cases and says the outbreak is doubling every nine days — but Cambridge experts estimate the figures are 55,000 and 17 days

The study found that the virus’ reproduction ‘R’ rate – the average number of people each Covid-19 patient infects – was 1.6 across England in the most recent week, compared to 1.16 in the previous round. The R is thought to be hovering between 1 and 1.5 in the north and greater than two in […]

Sadiq Khan says ministers ‘must act now’ and slams No10 for ignoring SAGE’s advice to adopt a ‘circuit breaker’ as data shows London’s R rate ‘is the worst in England’ and could be as high as 3

It comes after another 310 Covid-19 victims were recorded last night and 367 the day before, in the highest daily toll since the end of May. But the 26,688 infections reported yesterday was actually the first week-on-week fall in a month — though the central testing programme is missing asymptomatic and mild cases of the virus, […]

Huawei Meng Wanzhou’s lawyers allowed to claim U.S. misleads Canada

The lawyers said that the wrongdoing on the part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers who detained and arrested Meng meant that the Canadian prosecution should not be able to shield certain details of their planning from public view.

Staying-in rule does not stop virus as people don’t obey it – but banning big public events works, experts say

“But do I think right now it is appropriate to insist on similar hard measures in, for example, south-west England or Kent, where levels of disease are really very, very much lower than in the North of England?

Coronavirus: pubs and restaurants across England to be forced to shut at 10pm

In a televised address on Monday, the government’s chief scientific and medical advisers warned that the UK had “turned a corner” for the worse and was on course for up to 50,000 new cases of Covid-19 a day by mid-October – up from 6,000 now – which could lead to 200 deaths a day by […]

Is South Yorkshire in tier 3 lockdown? Covid rules for Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley

You can’t meet socially with anybody who is not part of your household, or support bubble, indoors Those outside the county should avoid entering it, other than for work, education or for caring responsibilities or to travel through as part of a longer journey People should try to avoid travelling outside South Yorkshire due to […]

Tier 2 and 3 lockdown rules explained: Can I go to the pub, have friends over and go on holiday?

I live in Manchester – can I go and visit my sister in London? No. Manchester is now in the strictest level of lockdown – and all travel in and out of the area is strongly discouraged, unless it’s for some very important reasons.

Ukraine president slams ‘unacceptable’ corruption ruling

The head of the National Agency for Preventing Corruption (NAZK), Oleksandr Novikov, warned that “lawmakers, mayors, ministers and the president can put down any income they want” with impunity due to the Wednesday ruling. The state anti-corruption watchdog also said that the ruling would also effectively block the procedure to swear-in local officials following local […]

How Poland’s Strict New Abortion Ruling Could Be Mirrored Across the Globe

Women’s rights groups expressed fury at the decision, slamming it as “a war against women”. The protests have since turned into a wider fightback against the government which is being accused of chipping away at the rights of women and minorities. Some women opposed to the ruling have organized a “strike” and will be expected […]

Don’t stop your grousing … and other Covid rule-of-six exemptions

While two families stopping in the street to chat was described as illegal mingling by the home secretary, Priti Patel, parties of up to 30 are permitted to meet for shooting and hunting trips, after a ministerial intervention ensured it would be classed as a licensed outdoor activity.