Garden centre boss refusing to close despite coronavirus says he won’t pay staff who stay home and threatens he won’t ‘guarantee’ them work in future

Exeter City Council said: ‘The government have introduced these measures for a reason – to save people’s lives. We understand the financial reality but would urge businesses and customers to adhere to Government legislation and help save those lives.’ 

What does being Australian mean post coronavirus? Wayne Flower examines the meaning of ‘True Blue’ and the irreparable damage caused by the pandemic to our sacred Aussie values

‘And yet even with people locked up in their homes away from family and neighbours, a strong sense of solidarity has emerged. Italians know they’ll get through this because they have each other’s back,’ Alice Speri wrote. 

Best cross trainers that are perfect for anyone setting up a home gym

The sleek design features a LCD display that shows time, speed, distance, total distance and heart rate, while the scan feature allows you to track RPM, calories and watt/power output. There are 19 pre-set programs and you can keep track of your heart rate with the integrated hand pulse sensors.

Dig for victory: Monty Don’s indispensable guide to growing your own herb garden at home

Jekka’s Herb Farm Known as the Queen of Herbs, Jekka McVicar doesn’t sell plants but usually has a terrific selection of seeds. Victoriana Nursery is a family business which sells a great range of annual and perennial herbs as both seeds and plants. Its website gives good tips. Pepperpot Herbs sells an impressive […]

No need to swim: Germans stuck in New Zealand fly home

She said she and her staff have been trying to negotiate with the airlines and to help the most vulnerable get home, including the elderly, young children and those with health issues. She said they’re also trying to prioritize those who work for Britain’s National Health Service.

Scotland’s chief medical officer, 51, RESIGNS after she is given police warning for TWICE ignoring her own advice and visiting her family’s second home during lockdown

‘If I am to do what I need to do to steer the country through this crisis to the very best of my ability I need her to be able to focus on the job that she is doing — a job that, not withstanding her mistake on this, she is doing extremely well.’

Coronavirus outbreak at SF’s largest nursing home: Early missteps, delayed response at Laguna Honda

In late February, he started to worry when he noticed that personal protective equipment, or PPE, was going missing from supply cabinets. These are the masks and gowns and other gear that doctors and nurses need to protect them from airborne virus particles. LeBoeuf realized that the stockpiles were being depleted faster than he could […]

Lockdown: Ways to rekindle your relationship

– Don’t blame, check whether you are projecting your own issues on the other person. Find out the source of the worrying — is the crisis affecting my husband’s work or is my wife in stress because suddenly there is extra housework in the absence of the maid? Micro manage a partner by coping with […]

What David Cameron’s passion for Tracey Emin really means

Tony Blair has criticised Cameron’s “highfalutin wail about a Britain that has lost its way morally.” It is a reminder of how different they actually are as politicians. Blair associated New Labour with new culture, but there were no direct affiliations between him and any particular artist (Blair notoriously mistook a novelist for an artist at […]

What home exercises can I do in coronavirus lockdown? Experts’ guide from living room workouts to yoga

Learning on the move Stand opposite a partner or in a circle as a family. Keep a rhythm going as you would with rote reciting. Use the words ‘1 11 is 11’, ‘2 11’s are 22′, ‘3 11’s are 33′ – and so on. Repeat or share lines with someone to change it up.