Are thrifty Europeans holding back economic recovery?

“They (governments) have this dilemma which we’ve seen all over Europe between, on the one hand, they want people to go out and spend money and on the other hand, they want them to avoid circumstances where they might spread the virus,” Kenningham said. “So, it’s very difficult for them to have the foot on the […]

Herman Cain’s Life And Death Were More Complicated Than That

The manner of Cain’s death, and the tumultuous year in which he died, overshadowed a story that stretched well beyond politics. In both life and death, Cain fit no one’s preferred narrative. Though he had lauded Trump’s approach to the virus, focusing in his columns on gradually reopening the economy, Cain wasn’t a COVID denier. […]

A Biden presidency could have a ‘remarkable’ impact on science policy—but also face hurdles

Reinvigorate the scientific workforce. Under Trump, many researchers who work for the federal government have said they don’t feel valued or respected. Employee surveys show job satisfaction at several science agencies has taken a nosedive, and there have been many anecdotal reports of researchers leaving their jobs. Biden says he wants to reverse that trend, […]

Prop. 22: What you need to know about gig companies’ ballot measure

California requires employers to reimburse for mileage. At the IRS rate of 57.5 cents a mile, assuming she drives about 20 miles each hour, mileage reimbursement over an eight-hour shift would total $92. Companies also have the options to pay a negotiated lump sum, or to reimburse for actual expenses incurred, which potentially could be […]

Footfall on UK’s High Streets drops by 3% in a week with visitor numbers down by 41.3% as local lockdown restrictions deal new hammer blow to recovering retailers

There has been much debate about whether the new measures have been effective, but analysis of official data by MailOnline shows weekly Covid-19 cases across the entire UK are currently rising by just 14 per cent, with an average 18,465 cases per day. And in Merseyside – the only region which has been in a Tier Three […]