Air pollution ages your lungs faster and increases your risk of COPD, study says

Particle pollution is the mix of solid and liquid droplets in the air, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. It can come in the form of dirt, dust, soot or smoke. It comes from coal- and natural gas-fired plants, cars, agriculture, unpaved roads and construction sites.

Even short-term exposure to low levels of air pollution can increase risk of cardiac arrest

Researchers point to an increase in air pollution in Australian cities after massive bushfires ravaged the country. In the city of Richmond, west of Sydney, the levels of PM2.5 reached more than 500 micrograms per cubic meter — far surpassing levels deemed safe for humans to breathe. Earlier this month, NASA said smoke from the […]

Air pollution may have killed 30,000 people in a single year, study says

Researchers analyzed air quality trends from that year back to 1999 at over 750 monitoring stations across the continental United States. They looked specifically at particulate matter — small, inhalable particles in the air that can enter the bloodstream.

Footballer Emiliano Sala Was Exposed to Carbon Monoxide Before Dying in Plane Crash – Investigators

Pictures of Emiliano Sala’s post-mortem examination emerged on Twitter two weeks after the crash, prompting the police to launch an investigation into the matter. The police subsequently arrested a 48-year-old woman and 62-year-old man from Wiltshire on suspicion of unauthorised access to computer materials.

DC, NoVa Region Endured 86 Days With High Levels Of Air Pollution

In Northern Virginia, for example, Fairfax County Public Schools was chosen recently as one of 16 districts to receive the first phase of electric school buses by the end of 2020 through a Dominion Energy initiative. The other school divisions chosen to receive electric school buses in the first phase are Alexandria, Arlington, Charles City, […]

Six central ministries bought more air purifiers as Delhi battled toxic air: Reuters

That compares with at least 140 air purifiers bought for $55,000 during 2014-2017 for the six ministries and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office, as previously reported by Reuters. The latest data on purchases for Modi’s office was not available.

Exposure to polluted air is like smoking a pack a day, study says

“The increase in emphysema we observed was relatively large, similar to the lung damage caused by 29 pack-years of smoking and 3 years of aging,” said Dr. R. Graham Barr,  the Hamilton Southworth professor of medicine and epidemiology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and a senior author of the paper. One pack-year means smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for […]

Red Sea releases 220,000 tons of harmful hydrocarbon gases into the atmosphere every year – more than the human pollution produced by the UAE, Kuwait or Turkey

‘Sea level is often communicated as a really slow process that you can’t do much about … but the next 30 years really matter,’ lead author Dr Matthias Mengel, of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, in Potsdam, Germany, told Reuters.

Does planting a tree really offset your carbon footprint?

“JetBlue is actually going a long way,” said CBS News meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli. “Over the past 10 years, they’ve offset about 2.6 billion of their pounds of carbon — so the amount of carbon dioxide they’ve released into the atmosphere. They’ve offset that by donating to companies that plant trees that help […]

Heavy traffic pollution may affect kids’ brain development

A limitation of this and other studies on pollution and brain development is that children living in areas with high pollution tend to be poorer than those who get to breathe clean air, Jack noted. But the fact that only certain brain areas appear to be affected suggests it’s actually the pollution exposure that is […]