Job seekers beware! How to spot a fake job

 Click on the “show details” option near the top of the email and verify the authenticity of the mailer by checking the strings marked “Mailed by” and “Signed by”. Those associated with any genuine recruitment platform will always have the credentials of platform in these fields. 

Do you have a powerful workplace identity?

Self-awareness is a crucial and indispensable first step for any kind of development activity. Awareness of one’s strengths and limitations requires a keen observation of self. The individual should be constantly mindful of what excites him/her and also what bores him/her? This constant mindfulness can be corroborated by seeking feedback actively or at least by […]

‘A lot of people are crying, I guess’: Clint Eastwood blasts Oscar race row boycott as Charlotte Rampling defends her comments calling the backlash ‘anti-white’

‘I do support the Oscar Ban movement’s position that the nominations do not reflect the diversity of our community. The Oscar Ban movement reflects a larger discussion about racism in the criminal justice system. I hope the Oscar Ban movement opens the way for my peers to open their hearts to the #BlackLivesMatter movement as […]

‘It’s anti-white racism’: Best actress nominee Charlotte Rampling launches attack on Oscar boycott as top producer dubs protesting stars ‘spoiled brats’

‘I think that diversity is the American superpower. That’s why we’re great.So many different people from so many different places adding their ideas, their inspirations, their influences to this beautiful American gumbo. … so when I look at the series of nominations of the Academy, it is not reflecting that beauty’ – Will Smith

Pulling troops from Afghanistan has undermined Afghan confidence, says former ambassador

Pulling U.S. troops has undermined Afghan confidence: ”Right now, militarily, the basic situation is that the Afghan forces, with our support, are standing on the defensive, pushing back when they’re hit hard. The Taliban are cautiously on the offensive, pulling back a little when they meet too much resistance. That means the strategic initiative on the […]

Older Americans face age-related employment challenges amid pandemic

Out of all adults over the age of 55 in the workforce, 5.4 percent are unemployed, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nearly 11 percent of people ages 20-24 are unemployed, 6 percent of people ages 45-55 are unemployed and 5.8 percent of people ages 35-44 do not have a job.

How Glynn Turman Played the Long Game

You’ve had these big peaks and valleys in your career. The 1975 coming-of-age film Cooley High was a big hit, and then you spent years on A Different World when it was one of the highest-rated shows on TV. But before you got the Emmy, did you have to hustle a lot more for work […]

Documents allegedly show Hunter Biden signed off on laptop repairs

WILLIAMS:  And the contrary thought this time around is it’s not the economy stupid, because if it was all about the economy, then I suppose people would be overwhelmingly supporting President Trump. Instead, what you see is an increasing focus on the president’s behavior, the divisive nature of his rhetoric, and we’ve seen that even […]

Key lines from the unveiling of Biden’s new economic team

Tanden is the CEO and president of the left-leaning Center for American Progress and the CEO of the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Tanden previously served as a senior adviser for health reform at the US Department of Health and Human Services. She was the director of domestic policy for the Obama campaign, and […]

You’re NOT gonna need a bigger boat! Unseen behind-the-scenes photos from filming of Jaws reveal how Steven Spielberg used a 25ft wooden mechanical shark to make his 1975 classic movie

The sharks had motors to control the eyes, mouth and tail, and weighed around half a ton. For all the effort that had gone into the models, the first take of the climactic scene when the shark bursts out of the ocean and swallows Shaw’s character, Quint, was a fiasco: Bruce looked more like a […]