The best free homeschooling resources 2020

Learning at home doesn’t have to be all about staying in front of a screen; The Artful Parent is a site packed with fun craft ideas to get your kids thinking creatively. Many of them are well suited to younger children, and are fantastic if your little ones are starting to get bored or anxious.

Coding during Covid: There are many short-term courses you could take

Freshers and mid-level professionals are the target for these coding courses. While companies typically count long-term courses as upskilling/reskilling, these shorter-term courses could well be a nudge in that direction. We are giving the content free in the hope that those who take them will take a deeper plunge later, says Kumar. Our courses will […]

Covid-19 may inspire a new generation of doctors and scientists

And a young Texan named Lyndon Johnson came to work for a congressman in 1931, then led the Texas National Youth Administration in 1935. Johnson was responsible for administering money for jobs, education and more to young Texans. These experiences strengthened his resolve to run for a House seat in 1937 and to spend several […]