Quibi: Prices, what shows to watch, launch details and what is a quibi actually

Agua Donkeys (Movies in Chapters) – It’s always summer for the Agua Donkeys as they chase the perfect tan, the perfect vibe and the perfect mix of bromine and chlorine to service some of the “sickest” backyard pools in their Utah hometown. The Stranger (Movies in Chapters) – An unassuming young rideshare driver is thrown […]

How Late Night Hosts Are Playing a Key Role in Keeping Us Sane

Most comfortingly, the respective hosts’ personalities still shine through, and Fallon, with his kids playing video games in the background next to the indoor slide; Colbert with his cocktails in front of the bookshelf; and Cohen with his disco ball-lit clubhouse-for-one are as organic an offshoot of their regular show personas as you could want.

Why Warner Records Is Still Releasing Big Albums Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

“I would encourage my friends and competitors in the music business to think long and hard before you move something back,” Corson says. “There are good reasons to do that [in some cases], especially if you have a disproportionate share of physical sales… but, if you can, get a plan together and encourage everybody in […]

Social distancing ‘heat map’ reveals people in Middlesbrough are most likely to flout the new ‘stay at home’ rules designed to curb the spread of coronavirus

The best at staying at home were the people of Ryedale, North Yorkshire, at 98.3 per cent; Wandsworth in southwest London, at 97.9; Arun in West Sussex, at 98.4 per cent; Liverpool, 97.5 per cent; and Adur, also in West Sussex, 97.5 per cent. 

EXCLUSIVE: The Irishman producer speaks out about his battle with addiction and how he fought alongside Martin Scorsese to get the film made after stumbling across the novel in an Idaho bookstore

‘What was so powerful for me, that at that juncture we did not have the financing, so it was all about faith – and let’s assume that this is going to get made even though we do not know where the capital is going to come from.