Wildlife authorities publish guidelines on wild animal releases

Before that happens, the circular said authorities should run tests on animal adaptability and determine how the release could affect local ecology. For animals with huge numbers, provincial authorities can make arrangements for them to be released in other provinces.

Live animal exports face tougher controls over welfare concerns

“Our animal welfare laws must be followed to the letter so that no animal is made to suffer during transport. Until I am entirely satisfied that there is no longer a risk to the welfare of animals at Ramsgate, I have ordered AHVLA [the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency] to check every consignment of […]

Farming minister criticises protests against live animal exports

Asked why the new measures only insisted that a government vet was within an hour of the port so that he or she could assist inspectors over welfare concerns or an emergency, Heath said animals were always checked by a vet before they were transported from farms. “We don’t want to keep these animals hanging […]

Live animal exports going via previously unknown routes

“I think many British people will be appalled that these young animals are being taken on these nonsensical journeys of almost 100 hours. For one journey totalling 94 hours in June, there is no evidence of any inspections having taken place. If this is the case, there are calves going on gruelling journeys, likely to […]

Coronavirus pandemic puts focus on tuberculosis among zoo animals

“A scientific study in 2012 conducted on 600 elephants in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka said there was evidence for high prevalence of asymptomatic tuberculosis infection in Asian elephants in a captive Indian setting,” observed Dr. Valliyate . “Another paper published in 2016 concluded there is evidence to suggest cross-species (between elephants and humans) TB […]

New Pokemon and Digimon Anime Have Fans Reliving the Good Old Days

It wasn’t more than a week ago that Digimon Adventure came around with a reboot. This all-new series reboots the series fans love from the start. Taichi returns as a kid in this gorgeous new title, and audiences are in love with its gorgeous animation. If there were ever two series to bring back the […]

Next coronavirus ‘right around the corner’ if wet markets don’t close, animal rights groups, politicians warn

Friends of Animals says it has sent letters to the heads of the World Health Organization and the United Nations urging their member countries to close the unsanitary businesses, while PETA is drawing attention to the issue through the release of a new video purportedly showing flies crawling over the flesh of a snake and potential cross-contamination happening at markets in Indonesia and Thailand.

Conservationists No Longer Agree on What ‘Wild’ Means

I was trying to keep pace with Mario Cipollone as he hustled up a steep trail in the central Apennines of Italy. We were heading through a cold June rain toward an abandoned shepherd’s cabin in the Monte Genzana Reserve. Fallen beech leaves made a tawny carpet as we crossed a wooded ridge at 4,000 […]

Wild elephant rescued from farm well near Palamaner

A herd of five elephants was on the move in Gangavaram mandal since a couple of weeks, raiding crops. On Wednesday night, when the the herd entered a field, a male adult elephant slipped into an abandoned 10-foot deep well. From midnight till the early hours, the beleaguered jumbo kept trumpeting, while the other members […]

Anime Fans Enter the Six Fan Arts Challenge With Dazzling Fan Art

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