Why these intimidating race protests will only inflame divisions across Britain, by founder of the Equiano Project INAYA FOLARIN IMAN

After all, Britain is the land that pioneered the concept of equality before the law through Magna Carta, gave the world parliamentary democracy, developed a free Press and formulated the idea of policing by consent. We played a central role in the abolition of slavery and, unlike the U.S., never had any system of racial […]

TALK OF THE TOWN: Lewis Hamilton races into pop as the F1 champion hires Justin Bieber’s voice coach in a bid to conquer the music world

The F1 champion has hired Justin Bieber’s voice coach Jan Smith in a bid to conquer the music world. ‘I have no doubt his new music will resonate with the masses,’ said the 62-year-old coach, known as Mama Jan, who said she had even flown to Monaco to work on his voice between F1 training.

Students celebrate race, ethnicity and religion through on-campus organizations

“I feel like there’s such a stigma behind religion. It’s usually portrayed as this really crazy out there thing where you have to believe everything and you have to just follow all these rules,” Friedman said. “And I’d say that’s not always the case. I’d say that it’s up to you to figure out what […]

Marathi Film ‘Court’ Enters Oscars 2016 Race From India For Best Foreign Language Film Category

Based on the reality of courts in India, Court shows an impressive portrayal of paradoxes and contradictions that surround the Indian courts. Le Monde said, “A major film on the worrying state of freedom of speech in the Indian democracy.”

GM asks judge to reinstate racketeering case against rival Fiat Chrysler

General Motors Co on Monday asked a U.S. federal judge to reinstate a racketeering lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (FCA) , saying it has new information on foreign accounts used in an alleged bribery scheme involving its smaller rival and union leaders.In its filing to U.S. District Judge Paul Borman, GM says the scheme, […]

Downturn Blues: Carmakers line up six new launches in next 15 days

“Automotive industry is following the foot-steps of handset industry and bollywood movies, where there is a race to launch new products ahead of the competition. To stay ahead of the carmakers who will launch their products at the peak festive season, few carmakers have slated launch in the month of August,” said Vinay Piparsania, Consulting […]

Influential winemaker Milla Handley, an early Anderson Valley champion, dies at 68 due to COVID-19

She was a champion of the Anderson Valley, which over the course of her career transformed from an unknown entity into one of California’s premier winegrowing areas. And she provided a model for sustainable farming: In 2005, the Handley Estate Vineyard was the first in Anderson Valley to become certified organic through the California Certified […]

Essential wine and drinks stories by writers of color

Gaiter is still a prolific wine writer, the senior editor for Grape Collective. This week, she wrote a chilling piece in the industry publication SevenFifty Daily about what it’s like to be black in the very, very white world of wine. “I’m angry, exhausted, and hurting,” she writes. The killing of George Floyd and the […]

Poised To Pick His Running Mate, Joe Biden Looks To California

“Since then, published first-hand accounts in books, interviews and documents have exposed the group. Everyone is now aware of the allegations against Scientology. Back in 2010, I attended the event knowing I was going to address a group of people with beliefs very different than my own, and spoke briefly about things I think most […]

Manhattan DA Seeking President Trump’s Tax Returns Cites Probe Into Reports Of ‘Protracted Criminal Conduct’ At Trump Organization

“Every day that goes by is another day Plaintiff effectively achieves the ‘temporary absolute immunity’ that was rejected by this Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court,” Vance’s lawyers said. “Every such day also increases the prospect of a loss of evidence or the expiration of limitations periods — the precise concerns that […]