Here’s why more US employees self-censor social media posts

Facebook Antitrust showdown: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google CEOs report to Capitol Hill Facebook blows past Q2 estimates, expects revenue growth to hold steady in Q3 How to easily move your photos from Facebook to Google Photos Facebook Portal: Do you trust Facebook enough to put its mic and cameras in your home? (ZDNet YouTube) […]

Senate candidate Marshall slams Facebook virus ‘censorship’

In the comments that Marshall posted Sunday, he said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had “quietly updated” its numbers to reflect a massive drop in the number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the U.S. The widely shared “Only 6%” theory has been debunkedCDC data

General Mayhem guides Turkey’s media repression

Seven years ago, before Çetin Altan died, President Erdoğan gave the old man a prize for intellectual valour. “Turkey is not a country any more where Çetin Altan is put on trial 300 times,” Erdoğan said. “You cannot move forward if you cannot tolerate the criticism.” The problem now, as Turkey slides back, is finding […]

Exclusive: Devin Nunes Warns Americans to Wake Up in ‘Countdown to Socialism’ Book

He used his own podcast as an example. He said when it first published on YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, he was getting thousands of views. Now, he said, the views for most of the recent episodes are in the hundreds despite his nearly 8,000 subscribers. The podcast is also buried deep in search results […]

Former revenge porn mogul Craig Brittain sues Twitter in absurdist censorship complaint

Craig Brittain, a former revenge porn site operator and current Republican Senate candidate, has sued Twitter for banning him from the site, building on a recent legal ruling involving President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Brittain filed his case on June 5th in Arizona’s district court, throwing a long and varied list of complaints at the […]

GOP Senators Introduce ‘Online Freedom and Viewpoint Diversity Act’ to Fight Big Tech Censorship

The bill would clarify the original intent of the Communications Decency Act and would increase accountability for Big Tech’s content moderation practices. Senator Graham commented on the bill stating: “I’m very pleased to be working with Senators Wicker and Blackburn to bring about much-needed reform of Section 230. Social media companies are routinely censoring content that […]

Turkish MPs to vote on bill that could block Facebook and Twitter

Companies or their representatives would then be required to respond within 48 hours to complaints about posts that “violate personal and privacy rights” and international companies would be required to store user data inside Turkey. If they do not comply, Turkish authorities will be able to levy steep fines of up to $1.5m (£1.2m) and […]

Twitter Just Banned QAnon Accounts. QAnon Supporters Are Thrilled

QAnon was also instrumental in promoting the Wayfair child trafficking conspiracy theory, which went viral on Twitter last week. But, generally speaking, QAnon has been gathering steam since the very start of lockdown in mid-March, and activity on Twitter has gone up nearly 85%, according to Argentino. “Conspiracy theories are a way for people to […]

Communist China Introduces ‘Global Standard for Data Security’

Despite Minister Yi’s fairly obvious implication that the initiative was taking aim at the U.S., Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of the China Foreign Affairs University, told the Chinese state-run publication, the Global Times, that the initiative should not be seen as targeting the United States. “Data security is a global issue […]

In China, GitHub Is a Free Speech Zone for Covid Information

One collaborative project, known as a “repository,” was named #2020nCovMemory. Founded by seven volunteers from around the world, it included everything from investigative reports published by Chinese news magazine Caixin to the diary entries of Wuhan writer Fang Fang, who criticized the local government’s suppression of information and initial failure to warn the public about […]