Digitalisation race among banks: Advantages of pioneers

In the history of the Vietnam commercial bank system, major members such as Vietcombank and BIDV have operated for more than a half of a century, with their total assets many times higher than private ones. Therefore, the digital transformation that has been kicked start by these big banks is expected to heat up the […]

Another lifeline is ending as extra federal jobless aid winds down

The expiration of jobless aid would deprive the almost 19 million workers who are collecting benefits of a critical source of income. About 12 million of them — many of them long-term unemployed workers as well as gig economy workers — are due to be cut off from benefits on December 26. Lawmakers are now […]

Is the Best 14th-Century Sex Farce You’ll See This Year

It’s bliss watching the bare-chested Franco struggle to hold his tongue while being hungrily straddled by Plaza and Brie (his real-life spouse), nervousness yielding to lust yielding to nervousness again. Brie is a perfect dreamy ingenue, Micucci a marvel of anxious befuddlement, and Plaza a snappish brat raised by a foray into witchery to the […]

Grosjean eyes private F1 test if he can’t race in Abu Dhabi

“I don’t really want it to be over on that day. Even if the footage of having a Haas crossing at the back of the field will be less dramatic and probably less broadcast around the world, I would like to. If it doesn’t happen, it’s okay, I will have other opportunities to cross other […]

Maryland health officers raced to stop coronavirus-positive boy from boarding plane

The CDC said in new guidance it is recommending that if people do end up traveling, they should get tested one to three days before travel and three to five days afterward. People who do not get tested should cut down on nonessential activities for 10 days after travel.

Swanky NJ Restaurant Shut Down for Hosting NY Young Republicans’ Maskless Gala

Once the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, New York and its neighbor states put strict guidelines in place to curtail its spread. But New York City’s current positivity rate, 5 percent, is now at its highest since April. Across the river, New Jersey is also experiencing a surge in cases. The New Jersey Health Department […]

Nat’l Rivals Not Afraid to Pull Punches as Next Geopolitics Reshapes Global Tech Race, Futurist Says

Specifically, Australia and New Zealand have already signalled their intention to align with the US and are not likely to suddenly change direction and cosy up to China. Australia is already taking a bigger role in the QUAD grouping made up of the US, India, Australia and Japan. And, Canberra has been vocal about China’s […]

Our Truth, Tā Mātou Pono: Monocultural sports coverage has marginalised Māori stars

“It attracts global audiences because it’s the pinnacle of indigenous performance. Yet we don’t celebrate it as sport here. But haka is sport for Māori… and because it attracts people from Australia, it’s like a world cup… It’s the biggest stage for Māori sport that we have, yet there’s very little media coverage.”

The Vulture Transcript: Whit Stillman on

How did they find you out?Metropolitan. I don’t think Gossip Girl is influenced by Metropolitan. I think the writer of the series took some sort of external elements from Metropolitan, maybe, like a character name, but I think it’s almost the antithesis of Metropolitan.

Apple’s ludicrous demand in next trial: Samsung must pay $40 per smartphone

In 2012, Apple won a $1 billion patent and trademark verdict against Samsung, although that sum was reduced to less than $900 million after a re-trial on damages. In the upcoming trial, newly revealed documents indicate that Apple is looking for a patent royalty rate that would allow it to collect billion-dollar sums from Samsung […]