LAC standoff | India approaches China bilaterally, with the challenge of global rebalancing, says External Affairs Minister

Now, from the Indian perspective, I believe that we are very grounded in realism. We have never shied away from acknowledging that there are differences. But the challenge is, when you have differences you work on those differences and narrow them, not worsen them and make them into disputes. Which is why we have regular […]

Kamala Harris chooses all-women team for chief of staff, NSA, domestic policy advisor

Flournoy has held a number of positions in the Democratic Party over the past three decades, including serving as the head of Governor Howard Dean’s Democratic National Committee transition team; traveling chief of staff to 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee, senator Joseph Lieberman; Finance Director for the Gore 2000 Presidential Campaign; Deputy to the Campaign […]

Meet Baidu Eye, A Chinese Google Glass April Fool’s Joke…That’s Sort Of Real

If Baidu Eye ever did come to market, it could certainly a contentious idea because its built-in recognition system could easily be leveraged by the Chinese government for less-than-savory purposes. A “Baidu Eye” could enable citizens to upload imagery that would challenge China’s censorial grip on the Net.

Wind power developers worried about low electricity price

The Covid-19 pandemic has been slowing down wind power projects, because foreign specialists cannot enter Vietnam, while equipment supply has been disrupted as many factories around the world have had to close. The association said that the state uses the FIT to regulate the market when the market is too hot. Unlike solar power in […]