Boris Johnson Sets Out COVID-19 Road Map With Bars Opening Within Two Months

Meanwhile, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “The Sunday papers is the first I’ve seen of the PM’s new slogan. It is of course for him to decide what’s most appropriate for England, but given the critical point we are at in tackling the virus, “Stay Home Save Lives” remains my clear message to Scotland […]

Apex Legends season 6 gameplay trailer previews new hero and map changes

Respawn has released a new gameplay trailer for Apex Legends season 6, and it gives a good look at a number of upcoming features, as well as the new legend Rampart and the new Volt SMG. The new season – officially dubbed “Boosted” – goes live Tuesday, August 18 along with a new “turbocharged” battle […]

COVID-19 has changed how Ayurveda centres administer treatments

The process – including pre and post treatment – have also got longer. Not only do therapists have to gear up in masks and face shields, treatment rooms are disinfected/fumigated after each session, temperature checks done on the patients, daily temperature checks for therapists, and janitorial staff. At some places, besides sanitisation patients are required […]

UK to mark 75th anniversary of Victory over Japan Day

“It’s important that as we face the challenges of today, we take inspiration from that generation. Through their community spirit and their bravery and their determination for a better world they’ve shown us what we can achieve when we pull together.”

Downing Street Reportedly Pressured to Fast-Track Quarantine for Returnees from France

“I can’t guarantee to you that if you go to country X today with one set of rules in place, then the same rules will still be in place when you’re due to come back from that country.” Scotland’s Justice Minister Humza Yousaf responded to questions regarding the alleged pressure to move the quarantine deadline […]

After Facebook Meeting, Civil Rights Leaders Say Mark Zuckerberg’s Trump Policy Explanation Was ‘Incomprehensible’

“Unlike Twitter, we do not have a policy of putting a warning in front of posts that may incite violence because we believe that if a post incites violence, it should be removed regardless of whether it is newsworthy, even if it comes from a politician. We have been in touch with the White House […]

A cleaning expert explains the best way to clean cloth face masks after you wear them

Fits snugly but comfortably against the side of the face Be secured with ties or ear loops Includes multiple layers of fabric Allows for breathing without restriction Can be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab suggests that tightly woven, 100% cotton is the best fabric […]

Bright spots for trade in Asia

The legal scrubbing of the RCEP has taken some time, as there were several fast and furious changes at the end of last year when talks were getting down to the wire. Not all of the bilateral commitments between members over tariff cuts were fully completed and the matching rules of origin work has also […]

Loans sharks can only be stopped with interest

The plan – officially titled the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Amendment Bill; has plenty of good measures in it that are welcomed by budgeting services, but interest rate caps are the lynch-pin that holds them all together and makes them meaningful. That lynch-pin is missing.

UK Economy Heading for the Rocks Unless Life Returns to the Normal Without Delay

It’s official. Britain’s GDP fell by more than any other G7 nation in the three months to June. Most of that time the economy was in some form of lockdown. Those of us who warned of the dire consequences of shutting down the economy for such a long period were attacked at the time, but […]