Rosalind Franklin Society says sexism is why groundbreaking scientist doesn’t have road named after her

“Although the University themselves did not object to the suggestion of changing the name, we did receive an objection from a resident directly to ourselves. Given the problems caused for residents when addresses are changed, we decided not to continue on to a formal consultation on the suggestion to change the name.”

A fantastic deal beckoned a family to Disney World. Was it too good to be true?

With Disney World closed and air travel, personal finances and everyone’s well-being uncertain, I miss that planning for Disney World was once a possibility. I miss those moms and dads on the sidelines. Like every other parent now, I’m anxious and confined and trying to do right by my kids. Like the Magic Kingdom, a […]

Remote working could put an end to the office as we know it

Meanwhile, Netflix and YouTube have agreed to cap their services for 30 days to ease the burden on broadband networks. Netflix will cap its bitrate, which it says will reduce data consumption by 25%, and YouTube will only be available in standard definition – as opposed to high definition or 4K. Disney, Apple, Amazon, Facebook […]

8 Reasons Now Is the Perfect Time to Check Out DC Comics

Slide 1/8 – No JusticeJustice League is the flagship team title at DC Comics for very good reason. It features the absolute cream of the crop in all superhero comics doing what they do best. After years of the same 6 or 7 superheroes leading the title, DC Comics is really mixing things up as […]