ASEAN Declaration on Human Resources Development for the Changing World of Work

ASEAN DECLARATION ON HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT FOR THE CHANGING WORLD OF WORKWE, the Heads of State and Government of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (hereinafter referred to as “ASEAN”), namely Brunei Darussalam, Kingdom of Cambodia, the Republic of Indonesia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR), Malaysia, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, […]

Man in the mask returns to change world with new coalition and his own sexy novel

The subcomandante’s specific aim in his current low-key tour of the country is to consolidate the broad and loose collection of marginal left groups known as The Other Campaign. Marcos hopes this rather chaotic mix of everybody from radical transvestites to Marxist trade unionists will eventually play a leading role in channelling the discontent he […]

We need geeks, not James Bonds, for post-Covid world, says French spy chief

“If we want to take advantage of artificial intelligence, for big data to work it has to deal with tonnes of data that belong to individuals,” he said. “And we have to make sure that the platforms that handle this data don’t learn anything about us. So the way to respond is good cryptography.”

APEC Vietnam 2017 – Fostering a shared future in a changing world

In addition to the aforementioned challenges, there are also new opportunities. Building on its achievements, APEC is now in an excellent position to actively contribute to maintaining the Asia – Pacific’s role as a driver for global economic growth and integration. Key APEC members will continue to be the world’s leading economic, trade and technological […]

Reuters Graphic: In a flash, a changed world – Remembering Hiroshima

About one square mile of Hiroshima was flattened, crushed by the hammer blow of Little Boy detonating about 580 metres (1,900 ft) overhead. Nearly everyone in that area died instantly. Farther away, the bomb’s heat ignited buildings and people, and deadly radiation bloomed.

Malaysia changes form of trial for foreign fishermen encroaching its waters

Hanoi (VNA) – Director of the Terengganu Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Suffi Mohd Ramli on June 29 said the making of decision to detain foreign fishermen who conduct illegal fishing activities in Malaysia’s waters will be conducted through online meetings, instead at the court as in the past. The move aims to prevent the spread […]

Wildfires engulfing the west coast are fueled by climate change, experts warn

“One of the tragedies is the lack of social resilience when the flames come,” he said. “Often, fires burn through low-income areas and the loss of an uninsured home is an overwhelming one for people there. Communities like that need to be very engaged with fire services to plan evacuation routes.

Obana expanding Pacific Ocean preserve into world’s largest

The move to broaden the George W. Bush-era preserve comes as Obama seeks to show concrete presidential action to protect the environment, despite firm opposition in Congress to new environmental legislation. At the United Nations this week, Obama announced new U.S. commitments to help other nations deal with the effects of climate change, as world […]

Fourth week of anti-racism protests fuels call for change

Ch Supt Alan Murray, said: “We identified a group as football risk supporters, who we believed posed a threat to public safety. We spoke with this group and, at their request, escorted them to the Gallowgate area of the city where they dispersed.”

Berlin metro to complete change of derogatory station name by year-end

BVG said on Friday it would change the station name, amid a worldwide reckoning with buried legacies of racism and colonial crimes underpinning many western societies, sparked by the death in the United States of George Floyd, a Black man, at the hands of a police officer.