Power, equality, nationalism: how the pandemic will reshape the world

Walt continued: “Covid-19 will also accelerate the shift in power and influence from west to east. The response in Europe and America has been slow and haphazard by comparison [with China, South Korea and Singapore], further tarnishing the aura of the western ‘brand’… We will see a further retreat from hyper-globalisation, as citizens look to […]

How to see the world when you’re stuck at home

We grabbed some fresh grouper at Crosby’s Fish & Shrimp Co., to be grilled later. Max threw stones into the water. After a bit of wandering, we stumbled across a crazy dance party on the beach. We gazed at Morris Island Lighthouse from the shores of Rat Island. Then we got sidetracked looking at people’s […]

How Tamron Hall’s Emotional Exit from NBC Changed Her Life

“I never thought I’d have to lose everything to gain even more, but I lost my spot and I gained a husband who roots for me,” she says of husband Steven Greener, “a beautiful baby boy who looks at me like I’m his entire world and not just his milk source, and I have a […]

First-ever launch of Trump’s US Space Force mission lifts off today – sending ‘jam-proof satellite’ into orbit

This intriguing idea is being developed by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It is called the Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition or MAHEM. This game changing rail-gun can fire a jet of molten metal, hurled through space at several hundred miles per second by the most powerful electromagnets ever built. The molten metal can […]

Today’s cache | How to watch Netflix remotely together and more

Xbox’s live subscribers can pick four free games each month. Two of these are from Xbox 360 and the other two from Xbox One. If you have an interest in doing detective work, Batman: The Enemy Within features the caped crusader tracking down the riddler in a five-episode Batman game. This game is available from […]

Coronavirus: Donald Trump changes attitude after downplaying the virus for months

The Tarp passed in the fall of 2008 to help troubled banks had a price tag of $700 billion. It was put together by the George W. Bush administration, and provided money for the auto bailouts for General Motors and Chrysler. All of that money for the banks and the auto companies was paid back. […]

‘People are panic-buying cocaine’: the drug dealer, spaceman, therapist and others on life after coronavirus

Normally I live a peripatetic life. A significant part of my work, as general superior of the Congregation of Jesus, is visiting communities all over the world – we have about 1,500 sisters in 20 countries – to support and encourage them. But now we’re all in lockdown – I’ve been out once in 12 […]

The Fashion World Mobilized When AIDS Struck. Now It’s Coronavirus.

“I wanted to make a collective statement at the time about something few would,” Cole recalled. “How best to speak about HIV stigma, focused on gay men, then to get beautiful women and children? Bringing them all together was a very powerful moment because it showed me early on how people so badly want to […]

‘Like a bad sci-fi movie’: life in a deserted Los Angeles under coronavirus

Williams is isolating with their girlfriend and her eight-year-old daughter, and they have been focusing on home-schooling and other home projects: “We’ve been borderline doomsday preppers. I’m reading a survival book and figuring out how to plant veggies in the backyard. I’m Jamaican, I’ve lived through natural disasters. I’m not trying to sleep on a […]