Advocates blame oil giants for climate change, call Chevron No. 1 culprit

The study built on a 2013 report that estimated 90 companies were responsible for nearly two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions. Using similar models that quantify the amount of heat-trapping gas released through the extraction and development of fossil fuels, the study attributed levels of emissions to individual companies. The new study goes a step further, […]

Disney+ to Launch in India on April 3rd

The growth of Disney+ is only going to continue in the coming weeks, as the popular new streaming service adds yet another country to its roster of available locations. A few months after launching in the United States, and about a week after its UK debut, Disney+ has finally been given a new release date […]

Intel Comet Lake-H Fights AMD’s Ryzen 4000 With Eight Cores at 5.3 GHz

Intel provided benchmarks comparing its new chips against three-year-old laptops, which is standard fare when the company compares performance based on upgrade cycles. They aren’t very useful, though, and as with all vendor-provided benchmarks, you should take these with a grain of salt. Intel acknowledged that this is an unusually slim selection of benchmarks, but […]

Harley Quinn Season 2 Review: A Fantabulous New Status Quo

The other villains of the series are as pitch-perfect as ever, between James Adomian’s scene-stealing Bane and Jim Rash’s delightfully-obnoxious take on The Riddler. Spider-Man 2 alum Alfred Molina joins the roster as Mr. Freeze, but manages to weave himself into the ensemble as if he’s always been there. Plus, the Season Two premiere rectifies […]