How to watch America’s Got Talent: stream season 15 semi-finals online from anywhere

With only two weeks left until the finale, it’s getting difficult for Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandell, and Heidi Klum to decide who should be voted off, especially in the absence of fellow judge Simon Cowell, who injured his back falling from an electric motorbike. Facing the public vote last week were Celina Graves, vocal harmony […]

Gracie Awards: Michelle Williams, Amy Poehler And Niecy Nash Among Honorees

Marian Mohamed (The barrier between us is breaking: How politics brought my mom and me closer)KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio

Toronto 2020: Who The Hell Knows How Pandemic-Challenged Acquisitions Market Will Unfold

“We want to make sure I Care a Lot is given the opportunity both by traditional distributors and streamers alike to reach its audience, without sitting around waiting to find out when there will be a vaccine introduced to the marketplace. The capacity for drive-ins is maybe a few hundred, and certainly it’s not the […]

Fall TV 2017: 10 new shows worth checking out (and 5 you can totally skip)

(Netflix streaming on Friday, Oct. 13) There are three new, heavily hyped shows this season that networks didn’t screen in time for this fall preview, including NBC’s “Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders” and CBS All Access’s “Star Trek: Discovery.” But the one I’m most eager to get a look at is “Mindhunter,” […]