Africa at par with Pakistan, Afghanistan in terrorism, here’s how terrorism grew in the Dark Continent

The data of GTI 2019 reveals that despite a global decline in deaths due to terrorism, the number has significantly increased in Afghanistan and in a number of African countries. Nigeria, Mali, and Sudan, along with Afghanistan, recorded the largest increase in terrorism-related deaths in 2018. Similarly, Nigeria and the Central African Republic, along with […]

Belarus: This is not the election that strongman president Alexander Lukashenko had planned

But they know too that something in the stagnant politics of the last two decades has shifted, thanks to three brave women who refuse to let an old school autocrat break their families or their country.

Celebrating the ASEAN community ties with South Africa

Pretoria (VNA) – Vietnamese Ambassador to South Africa Hoang Van Loi, who is also Chair of the ASEAN Pretoria Committee (APC), has written an article on the occasion of the 53rd founding anniversary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Following is the full text of the article which was published on August 7 […]

Iran says US envoys all the same ‘they bite off more than they can chew’

“There’s no difference between John Bolton, Brian Hook or Elliott Abrams,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said in a tweet under the hashtag #BankruptUSIranPolicy. “When U.S. policy concerns Iran, American officials have been biting off more than they can chew. This applies to Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump and their successors,” Mousavi added.

Kapil Dev, MS Dhoni on same page as leaders: Former India spinner Maninder Singh picks Sourav Ganguly as the best India captain

“Dhoni was lucky that Kapil Dev won us the World Cup in 1983 then Dhoni was lucky that before him it was Sourav Ganguly, who made us believe that we can beat any team and in any conditions, so Dhoni got that,” Maninder told Hindustan Times in an exclusive chat.

Coronavirus: Australia’s coronavirus death toll hits 266, young people increasingly infected

The new mystery case reported on Friday follows concerning news that three men in their 20s – infected with Covid-19 by unknown sources– visited 17 pubs, restaurants, and supermarkets between them in Sydney’s CBD, inner west, southwest and Newcastle areas within a 48-hour period over the weekend.

Clashes in Bengal, Assam over Ram temple celebrations

Singh said, “Our prime aim was to control the situation and bring normalcy in the area. It was not an easy task to bring the situation under control when around 500 people were engaged in a clash. However, we successfully controlled the situation.”

Dr. Wilfred Reilly on whether systemic racism exists in America

There’s another one that’s kept online and live at . And if you look at that “Washington Post” database, for some reason, the figures change from time to time.

Germany, France Quit WHO Reform Talks Amid Tension With Washington, Sources Say

The WHO has dismissed his accusations. European governments have also criticized the WHO but do not go as far as the United States in their criticism, and the decision by Paris and Berlin to leave the talks follows tensions over what they say are Washington’s attempts to dominate the negotiations. 

25 Years After Jerry Garcia’s Death, the Grateful Dead’s Popularity Endures

“I had been a dead set head since I was 14,” says Steve Silberman, bestselling author of “NeuroTribes” and noted Dead fan. “That community was my community for decades, and so I knew that that was over. It was going to be a profound moment in my life very much similar to the death of […]