Strongmen rush to remake the world order as Trump faces potential election defeat

Only this week German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who Bernstein’s sources say was berated by Trump in phone calls, appeared to reject Trump’s China tactics, saying “only together can the 27 EU member countries have enough weight to achieve ambitious deals with China.”

A new world order for the coronavirus era is emerging

By Alan Crawford In July 1945, at the close of World War II, the leaders of the U.S., Great Britain and the Soviet Union gathered at a Prussian royal palace in Potsdam outside the conquered German capital to hammer out the new global order. The seeds were sown for the Cold War. As visitors in […]

COVID-19 Pandemic Highlights Change in World Order, Former Finnish President Says

“This is the first crisis where there is no belief that the United States will lead us out. But of course the enemy – or challenge – is different and the pandemic has hit the US hard,” Halonen told the newspaper. According to Halonen, the pandemic ultimately signals that the Cold War era divisions no […]

Rise of ‘Next Geopolitics’ to Explore How Tech, AI Will ‘Reconfigure’ World Order, Futurist Says

First, the world is entering ‘reverse globalization’. Japan is funding companies to move their supply chains out of China, Russia is building its own Internet, the European Union (EU) is creating its own equivalents to Google and Facebook. Nations are putting up walls and taking divisive stances that are opposite to what has happened post-World […]

Morrison warns of ‘haunting’ global uncertainty, ‘dire economic circumstances’ in post-COVID world

A member of the Australian Defence Force takes a swab for a COVID-19 coronavirus test from a member of the public at a drive-through testing station in Melbourne. A post-COVID world will look very different, according to PM Scott Morrison. Picture: William West / AFPSource:AFP

Europeans’ trust in US as world leader collapses during pandemic

The report states: “Europeans’ trust in the US is gone. Many have been appalled by the [US’s] chaotic response to Covid-19; the lack of solidarity it showed with Europeans in the 12 March closure of its border to members of the Schengen area; and its lack of leadership in tackling the coronavirus crisis at the […]

APEC Vietnam 2017 – Fostering a shared future in a changing world

Despite global economic turbulence, APEC has continued to prove its vitality and resilience as well as its role as a key driver of global economic growth and integration. Such vitality not only stems from its wealth of young labor force and rich natural resources, but, more importantly, is the political determination and efforts that every […]

A marketer’s lens: Customer experience for the new world order

Sunder MadakshiraCustomer Experience (CX) has evolved to become one of the most important cogs in the wheel driving consumer acquisition, retention and long-term business success for organisations operating across diverse domains over the past few years. The relevance and business implications of CX in today’s day and age have become far more pervasive given the […]

The Hong Kong crisis and the new world order

UK needs to re-engageFor much of the past century, tanks or nuclear bombs were thought to be the currency of global power. But this was a superficial reading of things, obscuring the fact that, whatever the continuing importance of military hardware, the real reason that the United States dominated in the post-World War Two and […]

How COVID changed the UK: Daily podcast looks ahead to a new world order

“Every single time we have had those set ingredients before, it has ended badly.”#Daily podcast on how #COVID19 has changed the UK, @EdConwaySky compares the current pandemic to the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak.