‘The End Of The F***ing World’ Producer Pens Open Letter Saying He Is “Shattered” After Being Told He Cannot Buy A BAFTA Statue

So, that Bafta that “we” won wasn’t as inclusive as I thought. Can’t say I’m surprised but it still kinda hurts. Dominic Buchanan went through a madness to create TEOTFW, I went through a madness directing it. But. Same old, same old I guess… https://t.co/zBKQp87HRk

The Problem of Choice in a Post-Pandemic World

I think it will become easier to make mistakes because, with fewer opportunities to enjoy life and advance professionally, every action will seem more consequential. We may overthink what we undertake, afraid that we’ll blow it … and then we will blow it because our fear will show. We’ll give the wrong impression. In exaggerated […]

How Manchuria Changed the World

With China weakened militarily, Japan saw an opportunity to claim parts of Manchuria for itself, protecting its interests in the Korean peninsula in the process. In February of 1904, it declared war on Russia, altogether ignoring China, who still technically ruled the area.

Sixth Term: How the world has reacted to Belarus presidential vote

READ ALSO: 65-year-old Belarus President, Lukashenko, wins poll to serve sixth term “The numerous reports of systematic irregularities and violations of electoral law are credible… the political leadership of the country must accept the will of its citizens,” he said.

UK says it’s confident of Brexit trade deal as EU changing tone

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s top minister overseeing Brexit talks said on Friday he was confident a free trade deal would be clinched with the European Union as there had been a distinct change of tone from the bloc in recent weeks allowing progress to be made.

Beirut blast: judge questions security chiefs as third minister resigns

On Sunday, world leaders and international organisations pledged nearly $300m in emergency humanitarian aid to Beirut but warned that no money for rebuilding the capital would be made available until Lebanese authorities committed themselves to the political and economic reforms demanded by the people.

German far right infiltrates green groups with call to protect the land

Coming from older rightwing extremist parties like the neo-Nazi NPD, Passeick said, “It is a method we have known for decades.” What had changed since the AfD entered the German parliament in 2017, he added, “is the way these attempts are becoming more aggressive and openly visible”. Visibility was also the motive in the northern […]

More migrants cross Channel to Britain as political tension rises

“This is serious for the people concerned, but it’s a modest movement by international standards and it’s certainly something that Britain can cope with,” he told Reuters, contrasting the situation with that of Lebanon, which has a million Syrian refugees.

Britain labels stabbing ‘atrocity’ in town park as terrorism

In February, police shot dead a man, previously jailed for promoting violent Islamist material, who had stabbed two people on a busy street in south London. Last November another man who had been jailed for terrorism offences stabbed two people to death on London Bridge before he too was shot dead by police.

Donors pledge 253 million euros in emergency aid for Lebanon after blast

In a statement to the conference, the IMF’s managing director, Kristalina Georgieva, laid out reforms expected, including steps to restore the solvency of public finances and the soundness of the financial system, and temporary safeguards to avoid continued capital outflows.