Prince Charles secretly makes a ‘significant’ donation to a new charity helping farmers cope with mental illness – as he says difficulties faced by Duchy of Cornwall tenants during the pandemic left him ‘demoralised’

Prince Charles’ video message to Duchy of Cornwall tenants in full Ladies and gentlemen, we are now three months into a range of measures introduced to combat the coronavirus pandemic. I am very much aware of the difficulties this has presented to everyone, and I can only say how I feel for you all, particularly […]

Factbox: Spain’s monarchy, beset by scandal, is funded by taxpayers

MADRID (Reuters) – Spain’s Royal House, in the spotlight this week after former king Juan Carlos decided to leave the country under a cloud of financial scandal, is a publicly-funded institution created to support the king as the head of state and his family.

Washington NFL owner Dan Snyder sues site for defamation over false Epstein claims

“While Mr. Snyder understands that truthful criticism about the Washington Football Team comes with the territory of owning the team, malicious criminal allegations cross the line,” Snyder’s attorney said in a statement. ”He intends to hold all of those responsible for this defamation accountable, and will donate any proceeds recovered in the lawsuit to charity.”

Heartbreaking moment pony died in front of rescuers after being brutally beaten by teens

“We didn’t think it at first but she had been beaten badly. When we got back to the van we had the vet waiting for her and he said she’s been beaten really badly, and from a couple of the cuts that she did have, she could have septicemia.”