French magazine Charlie Hebdo uncowed after attacks – but now with bodyguards

Pierrick Juin, a Charlie Hebdo cartoonist, who joined after the attacks, said he tends not to say where he works when he`s on reporting trips. “You don`t know how it`s going to be received,” he said. On the day of the Charlie Hebdo attack, veteran writer Fischetti was out of the office at his aunt`s […]

Charlie Hebdo attack survivor recounts moment shooting started

Around him were the bodies of his colleagues and friends. “I didn’t want to see that. A few minutes before they were all there, all living, I made an effort not to look at the scene … I started to feel pain.” He said he heard colleagues crying in the next room.

Charlie Hebdo Survivors ‘Disappointed’ by Blockbuster Trial

Several cameras caught the plight of the Charlie Hebdo staff that morning. They were installed after previous attacks. In 2011, the office was firebombed and two years after Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier, aka ‘Charb,’ was put on a death list published in Al Qaeda’s Inspire magazine. “Wanted, dead or alive, for crimes against Islam,” […]

Al-Qaeda threatens Charlie Hebdo for republishing Mohammed cartoons: SITE

Al-Qaeda in its publication One Ummah had warned that Charlie Hebdo would be mistaken if it believed the 2015 attack was a “one off”, after the magazine printed the “contemptible caricatures” in a defiant issue that marked the start of the trial in Paris of suspected accomplices in the attack.

They’re Mutilating Little Girls’ Breasts in Cameroon to ‘Protect Them’ From Boko Haram

In Nigeria’s northeastern Borno State, where Boko Haram was founded, a member of the state’s main vigilante group who spoke to The Daily Beast said some girls who fled the war in the far north of Cameroon into border towns in Borno told members of his group that the breast ironing was carried out on […]

Girl, 10, ‘raped by uncle’ bombarded with abuse by protesters outside abortion clinic

Paula Viana, who escorted the child from Recife’s airport to the hospital, told the Guardian she stopped the taxi on the way from the airport, hid the little girl in its boot, and smuggled her into the hospital through a side entrance as protesters demonstrated outside.

Italian police investigating alleged rape of two British girls

The girls reported the rape after calling an ambulance and being admitted to Madonna della Grazie hospital in Matera. They were in a state of shock and marks on their bodies showed signs of violence, according to the reports. The news agency Adnkronos said the girls had since been discharged from the hospital.

Girl, 10, raped by uncle forced to travel 900 miles for abortion as local hospital refuses

After a judge ruled the abortion could legally be carried out, an anti-abortion activist published the girl’s name and the name of the hospital where she would have the procedure, in violation of Brazilian law.

Girl, 10, ‘raped and made pregnant by stepfather’ given baby shower by local church

Local newspaper ‘Pagina 12’ spoke with Ministerial Apostolic and Prophetic Church of Monte Caseros pastor Mari, after they decided to have a baby shower in one of their churches for the girl, described as “intimate, respecting the COVID protocol.”

Kids’ masks branded ‘sexist’ as girl given pink kisses by school but brother gets blue

A spokesman for Alberta’s Municipal Affairs said: ” The masks came in a wide variety of colours and patterns from Old Navy and IFR Workwear, and our government had absolutely zero input in deciding which colours were sent.