Most Popular Dog Breeds in America in 2020

Rottweilers have a history of being quite the hard-working dogs. Originally bred in Germany to drive cattle to butchers and pull carts filled with meat, Rottweilers were later used as police dogs before eventually settling into their current jobs as very reliable guard dogs. They have an uncanny natural instinct to protect their owners, families, […]

Cat accompanies firefighters to stand guard every day after they raised the former stray for three years in China

After jumping up and down next to the man for a few seconds, the fluffy pup reaches out to the firefighter’s face and gives him a cheeky peck before dashing off cheerfully.

Playful puppy sneaks up on a firefighter and surprises him with a kiss when the officer is training

Leave me alone! German shepherd scurries for cover while… Naughty beluga whales play with a keeper by biting flippers… Sweet moment pet cat quietly stays inside his student… Heart-breaking moment puppy desperately digs the ground to…

Meet Pyro’s Pastrami, a new Oakland pop-up selling out of its beefy and vegan sandwiches weekly

For Caris and Cann to stay in the Bay Area, Pyro’s Pastrami needed to be a hit, and it was immediately. Every pop-up has consistently sold out, averaging about 200 sandwiches per weekend. Caris credits restaurant industry friends — such as Lopéz-Alt, who recommended it to his 283,000 Instagram followers — for coming to the […]

How drag stars BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon reinvented the holiday show in 2020

Appearing on Drag Race can either be a launchpad for a queen’s career or the pinnacle of it. DeLa was conscious of wanting to avoid the latter option. She handily got herself booked in nightclubs all around America after her first time on the show (she would return eventually for Drag Race All-Stars 3), but […]

Japanese capsule returns to Earth with important asteroid samples

In the early hours of Sunday, the capsule, protected by a heat shield, will briefly turn into a fireball as it reenters the atmosphere 120 kilometers (75 miles) above Earth. At about 10 kilometers (6 miles) aboveground, a parachute will open to slow its fall and beacon signals will be transmitted to indicate its location.