How new verticals in home-delivery and takeaway space are helping restaurants tide over COVID crisis

As consumption patterns shift to food delivery, with a greater focus on hygiene and safety, disposable takeaway packaging options have registered a higher demand. Deepang Nandu, Managing Partner, Ecolyf by Silver Impex, a company into eco-friendly disposable products, elaborates, “The demand for these products had already begun when the plastic ban happened and with COVID, […]

Death of Iran nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh renews fear of revenge attack on US as Ayatollah vows ‘punishment’

Lieutenant General Greg Guillot, commander of the US military’s 9th Air Force, said: “The ability to quickly move forces into, out of and around the theater to seize, retain and exploit the initiative is key to deterring potential aggression.”

Faith takes the forefront as Georgia Senate runoffs heat up

Rev. Billy Honor, director of faith organizing at the group, said the conservative Christian Faith & Freedom Coalition — founded by former Georgia GOP chairman Ralph Reed — has long positioned Georgia “as the home of evangelical fundamentalist types when it comes to the political space.” “But the truth is, for a very long time, […]

REPORT: Ohio State Might Not Play Michigan State Because Of Coronavirus, Would Be Ineligible For The Big 10 Title Game

OhioState AD Gene Smith: “We made a decision last night to pause because our positivity rate reached a concerning level.” The positivity rate did not reach the B1G threshold that would force them to cancel, but it was concerning enough to pause. #BigNoonKickoff

Sadak 2, Laxmii, Drive’s debacle on OTTs: Have OTTs become a dumping ground?

Makers, on their part, too refuse that online streaming platforms are being used to just get a project off their back. Anand Pandit, bankrolling Abhishek Bachchan-starrer The Big Bull, which will release on the same OTT platform as Laxmii, says, “This is simple unfortunate, that some films were not received well by the public, which […]

Slaves to the Empire: The ‘Star Wars’ Kids Talk Back

“That’s when I first considered being an actor for money, and I knew I had to go either to L.A. or to New York, and damned quick, ’cause it was starting to snow in Wisconsin. So I flipped a coin. It came up New York, so I flipped it again so I could go to […]

Iran’s supreme leader calls for ‘definitive punishment’ as President claims Israel killed nuclear weapons mastermind

He added: “These missions help bomber aircrews gain familiarity with the region’s airspace and command and control functions and allow them to integrate with the theater’s US and partner air assets, increasing the combined force’s overall readiness.”