‘Uninvite Your Bragging Brother’: Oregon Governor Who Cheered BLM Protests Tells Citizens To Uninvite Family For Thanksgiving

“This is no different than what happens if there’s a party down the street and it’s keeping everyone awake,” Brown said. “What do neighbors do [in that case]? They call law enforcement because it’s too noisy. This is just like that. It’s like a violation of a noise ordinance.”

‘Is anybody in there?’ Life on the inside as a locked-in patient

During Jake’s time at Western Mass, Ellen grew increasingly distant. By the summer, she had stopped visiting. In May 2019, Jake made a last-ditch effort to save the relationship, organising a movie date. A recreational therapist got him into a van and took him to a nearby cinema. Ellen met him there, and the therapist […]

Trump sticks to his themes and expects Congress to go along

But with almost all 535 members of Congress jammed into the House chambers, along with Cabinet members, Supreme Court justices, military leaders, the presidential staff, guests and dignitaries, the difference was more semantics than reality. And everyone there, along with the millions watching on television, was waiting to hear Trump’s speech laying out his plans […]

From a keen rugby player at one of Australia’s most prestigious schools to a ‘heroin and ice addict’ at the age of 22: Inside the privileged life of university student before he was allegedly stabbed in the skull by his mum after strange ‘confession’

He also shared posts appearing to mock Knox Grammar School – an equally prestigious Sydney college. The posts amounted to a healthy rivalry between the two schools as Ball shared several posts proudly supporting his former campus

A retirement community project in Coimbatore revisits traditional architecture designs

Dhinakar says the project took off when he started looking for a retirement home for his mother. “Retirement communities abroad pack in a lot of fun. I frequented some in the suburbs of Malden, Massachusetts, during my stay in Boston,” says Dhinakar adding how watched the community play pétanque, basketball, croquet and frisbee. He adds, […]

COVID-19: Five posts to bring a smile to your face

The weekend is almost here. It’s been months since we have been confined to our homes, (and with good reason) and the coronavirus threat is still very much in our midst. All of it out together can be a bit of a downer. That’s where we hope we can bring in some cheer. While it […]

Fiona Phillips hits back at claims she and Eamonn Holmes ‘couldn’t stand each other on GMTV’ after his feud with her This Morning boss husband

Big Brother star Alison, who rose to fame on the third season of the reality series, is a staunch favourite of fans and has been a part of the show for many years as a roving reporter, and she made her presenting debut this summer.

Mass Prison Break as Over 200 Inmates Escape From Correctional Facility in Nigeria

“While the government of Edo State respects the rights of its citizens to undertake legitimate protests, it cannot sit idly when hoodlums have taken laws into their hands to cause mayhem on innocent citizens and the state,” Obaseki tweeted on Monday.

When Maradona magic mesmerized 1,00,000 fans at the Azteca

His most famous — and infamous — game came against England at the then-majestic stadium in Mexico City, a World Cup quarterfinal in 1986. The lure of being there was as strong for media members as it was for the 100,000 or so fans on hand. Not since Pele in his prime had there been […]