Trump administration stops enforcing environmental laws that punish polluters after the EPA said companies could have trouble complying during the coronavirus pandemic

Other metropolitan areas, including Seattle, New York, Chicago and Atlanta, have also showed a decline after residents have been asked to stay at home in order to limit the spread of the virus. 

‘We can’t go back to normal’: how will the world emerge from the coronavirus crisis?

The prime ministers of both Israel and Hungary have effectively been given the power to rule by decree, without interference from courts or legislature. The UK’s recently rolled-out coronavirus bill gives police and immigration officers the authority – in place for the next two years – to arrest and detain people suspected of carrying the […]

WHO responds to Austria face mask ruling

Maria Van Kerkhove, a technical lead of the WHO program who spent two weeks in China recently, echoed the view, saying there isn’t a lot of quantitative analysis on the subject. She reiterated that masks are necessary for people who are sick and for those who care for the sick.

Writing a greener story in Asia and the Pacific

With decisive action, the region has the capacity to achieve a strong finish by 2030. During an unprecedented global health emergency and increasing economic uncertainty, let us not lose sight of the future. The determination and rich resources of the region can help us overcome COVID-19 and beyond. Together, we can write a story of […]

The EPA Is Another Coronavirus Casualty

The announcement was, nominally, a response to the economic crisis produced by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was broadly in line with the agency’s deregulatory, indeed self-defanging, program under Trump: “a sweeping relaxation of environmental rules,” as the Times put it, “allowing power plants, factories and other facilities to determine for themselves if they are […]

Wild animals take back control of Mexican resorts: Crocodiles and jaguars roam deserted tourist hotspots as turtles lay their eggs in front of a luxury Cancun hotel

With no tourists taking gondola rides along the canals, the sediment in the water has been able to settle at the bottom without being churned about – making the surface clearer.