“Fight on!”: Pro-democracy media mogul Jimmy Lai released in Hong Kong

In images broadcast live on Facebook by his own reporters, he told staff to continue filing the kind of unvarnished dispatches that have infuriated China and pro-Beijing politicians in Hong Kong.

Is War in the Air? US Anti-China Bellicosity May Push the World Over the Edge, Prof Warns

The US and China’s systems of governance do have qualitative and structural differences, the academic notes, remarking that neither of them is perfect. Still, whether US policy makers like it or not, the legitimacy of the governing CCP is unquestionable in the eyes of the Chinese people, who regard it as representing the general interest […]

COVID-19 to accelerate supply chain shifts in fragmented trade system: Moody’s

Ensuring supply security by enhancing the strength of supply chains will become an overarching objective of governments and companies, overtaking cost and efficiency considerations, it said in a sector in-depth report.Asian countries ex-China will stand to benefit from diversification away from China provided that these countries have sound economic fundamentals, reliable infrastructure, sufficient human capital […]

Ecuador says China restoring shrimp exports following Covid-19 dispute

Ecuador expects a quick resolution to a trade dispute with China over traces of coronavirus in a container of exported shrimp that led Beijing to suspend imports from three companies, Ecuador’s production and trade minister said on Tuesday.

Commentary: China’s offline trade fair sets weather vane for post-pandemic global cooperation

It is not surprising though that some may question such a stance when global demand slumps due to the impact of COVID-19. When a recent political bureau meeting underscored a new development pattern known as dual circulation, which takes the domestic market as the mainstay while lets domestic and foreign markets boost each other, some […]

Interview: Implementing outcomes of Cambodia-China high-level meeting to promote Cambodia’s development amid COVID-19: deputy PM

He said China also pledged to assist Cambodia in formulating modern agricultural development plans, such as agro-industrial parks and the construction of rice storage system, and help Cambodia optimize its industrial structure and upgrade its level of industrialization.

WH trade adviser Navarro says Americans’ anger at each other over pandemic ‘continues to puzzle me’

“It continues to puzzle me eight months later, we know that China – the Chinese Communist Party — infected the United States with that virus,” he said. “Yet, what we have now is a society seemingly divided against each other,” he said.

Indian shares track Wall Street higher, pharma stocks jump on U.S. trade deal hopes

Reuters reported on Tuesday that New Delhi sought concessions for generic drugs it exports to the United States in return for opening its dairy markets and slashing tariffs on farm goods as the two sides seek to shore up a new trade deal.

The Latest: Most of Singapore foreign labor cleared of COVID

The Indian Council of Medical Research, India’s top medical research body, said that more than 733,000 samples were tested for COVID-19 on Tuesday, but didn’t break down how many underwent the gold standard RT-PCR test compared to the antigen test, a cheaper and more efficient though less accurate blood test that looks for antibodies.

Shares mostly lower in Asia after retreat on Wall Street

Benchmark U.S. crude oil for September delivery gained 14 cents to $41.75 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. It fell 0.8% to settle at $41.61 per barrel on Tuesday. Brent crude oil for October delivery picked up 20 cents to $44.70 per barrel. Overnight, it lost 1.1% to settle at […]