Relationship expert’s top tips for dating and keeping spark alive during lockdown

She adds: “Doing something together can also help spark up conversation naturally; if you’re prepping dinner use it as an opportunity to talk about your favourite dishes, the best restaurants you’ve eaten at, culinary disasters and what dish you’d take to a dessert island. Or why not both choose a book to read so you […]

Coronavirus live updates: Newsom issues order protecting consumers from price gouging

3:09 p.m. Don’t force fire victims to rebuild during outbreak, Lara says. California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara issued a notice Friday telling insurance companies to stop enforcing deadlines on policyholders for claims or coverage until 90 days after any state of emergency has ended related to COVID-19. The notice applies to deadlines for claim forms, […]

‘I live alone at sea. Here’s how to be happy in isolation’

Sailors, I thought, are uniquely placed to weather this storm. In that spirit, I sat down to prescribe advice on how to cope with isolation, feeling calm and strong about my decision to sit out this pandemic in Greece. I had been writing for just five minutes when the expected lockdown was announced. With relatively […]

Valorant’s impactful hero abilities are an exciting departure from CS:GO

I tossed my surveillance camera on a nearby wall overlooking the bomb and covered our flank with a cloaked tripwire. I watched through the camera as the enemy Viper’s poisonous wall erupted in front of the bomb and cut off our best sightline. Instead of pushing, we waited for the sound that signaled they started […]

I have a silk mask to match my wedding dress

Fabio and I made the decision to postpone our wedding to October. It’s the time of year we both moved to Rome from our home towns before we even knew one another existed. October — the month in which our lives separately began as adults. October — the month in which we will come together […]

Coronavirus updates: Mask recommendation for all US residents, global cases hit 1 million

US surgeon general warns things will get worse Dr. Jerome Adams, the US surgeon general, warned Monday that the coronavirus outbreak in the US will get worse before it gets better. “We really need everyone to understand this is serious, to lean into what they can do to flatten the curve,” Adams told CBS This […]

Coronavirus live updates: Pink tests positive for COVID-19

12:13 p.m. Business, taxpayer groups urge Newsom to extend property tax deadline: The California Taxpayers Association, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, California Chamber of Commerce and 75 local business and taxpayer groups urged Gov. Gavin Newsom to extend the April 10 deadline for paying the second installment of this year’s property tax until July 15. In […]

At funerals in virus outbreak, mourning is from a distance

“This is going to be a different experience for all of us,” the minister tells the half-dozen people gathered at a South Carolina funeral home to celebrate the life of J. Robert Coleman, an Army veteran, husband to Gloria, father to three sons and grandfather to three children. “But one thing that will be common […]

Big Brother Bosses, Biometric Tabs: Will the Post-Pandemic ‘Normal’ Also Look Like a Dystopian World?

As adults work from home, young children are being schooled online. At least some of them are anyway. There are many Indian schools that have started online teaching in a hurry to finish the curriculum on time. Due to this, not only are children learning to navigate technology usefully, rather than just using it only […]

Coronavirus live updates: Pink tests positive, then negative for COVID-19

10:09 a.m. San Francisco partners with nonprofits to install Wi-Fi “SuperSpots”: San Francisco city and school officials announced they will install 25 Wi-Fi connection devices to bolster internet service throughout the city as schools move to online learning. The devices will be placed in areas that need them the most, including public housing sites, single-room […]