Pokemon Go 2019-2020 Community Day list: All the Pokemon that will feature this month

If you’re looking to catch as many Pokemon as possible for PvP and PvE reasons, then Mudkip and Swinub should be your two priorities here. Both Swampert and Mamoswine are beasts when it comes to battling, especially with these exclusive moves. And of course, there’s a higher chance you find a shiny one!

Delhi fails to make it to Centre’s list of top 10 police stations in India

On the basis of above parameters about 75 Police Stations were selected from across the country for the next stage of the rating process. “A vast majority of police stations short-listed from the thousands of police stations in the country are police stations located in small towns and rural areas. This is also true for […]

Will Google’s naughty list really improve Android updates?

On the other hand, if presented in a positive light, Google’s ranking could help spur some beneficial competition. DxOMark has become the go-to benchmark for camera performance, with almost every Android smartphone now chasing the best possible score, so why not have a Google benchmark for software updates? Quantifying update speed and rewarding the good citizens […]

Feature: Chinese expatriate dreams to propel Zimbabwean arts, culture onto international stage

As the reputation of Dreamstar continues to grow regionally, Zhao said a number of Chinese nationals from neighboring South Africa, Botswana and Namibia grace the final show annually, stirring plans for a possible regional Dreamstar show and final in China.

7 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Company’s Big Pivot

“When you sign up for an overly cumbersome relationship that you really don’t need and it doesn’t serve you . . . nothing comes for free,” says Meadow. “If it represents distraction, why bother? I was so young, dumb, and cocky when I was starting out that I thought I could do everything. It’s just […]

Three Ways To Reframe A Problem To Find An Innovative Solution

3. Unpack Your Assumptions Another way to reframe a problem is to challenge its perceived limitations or rules. Ask, “What are all of the assumptions of the industry?” Make a list and turn them upside down by thinking about what would happen if you did the opposite.

Best Shots review: King in Black #1 “an exciting continuation of Donny Cates’ symbiote story”

Ryan Stegman has gotten pretty comfortable drawing the world that Cates has cooked up and that continues to be the case. It’s easy to see why the artist continues to get tapped for Cates’ dark vision of the Marvel Universe. Together with colorist Frank Martin and inker JP Mayer, the art team delivers on the […]

The dark art of Noctropolis, the most gorgeous FMV game you’ve never played

Soon after the Noctropolis team started shooting (on BetaCam, no less) in Mitchell and Erickson’s home state of Utah, they were sent to Hollywood. “It was that same period of time where we decided to move from floppy disks to CD, and so the content that we were going to produce within the game expanded […]

12 Things They Cut From Harry Potter

Sir Patrick Delaney-PodmoreThis deceased Sir is the head of the Headless Hunt – a group for spirits that has a zero-tolerance entrance requirement: you’re barred if your head isn’t completely cleaved from your body. Such rules are much to the annoyance of Hogwarts spook Nearly Headless Nick (John Cleese in the film), whose bouncing bonce […]

How to play the free Immortals Fenyx Rising demo on Google Stadia

Even if you would rather play Immortals Fenyx Rising on a dedicated game console like the PlayStation 5 or on PC, checking it out for free first on Google Stadia is a great option. We don’t have a review for the Stadia version just yet, but the entire game is fully playable without downloads on […]