Arson Suspect Arrested In Connection To Vegetation Fire On I-80 Near Madison Ave.

Sacramento Metro Fire says Russell Gillett was arrested in connection to the vegetation fire that burned east of Madison Avenue. Firefighters say the fire burned an area approximately 200 feet by 50 feet along the interstate, damaging a section of fence and affecting residential properties.

Height of stupidity! Police blast ‘reckless’ idiots risking their lives posing for SELFIES on top of sheer cliffs and waterfalls

One image, pictured right, shows an adult crouched on a ledge dwarfed by the huge waterfall and vertical drop he is posing above, while another, pictured left, shows a group huddled together on a rocky outcrop – with a member of their party stood right at the edge, getting a better look at the dizzying chasm […]

Iraq: Women with suspected links to ‘IS’ suffer sexual abuse, Amnesty says

What is the ‘Islamic State’? How does it fund itself? One of IS’ main sources of income has been oil and gas. At one point, it controlled an estimated one-third of Syria’s oil production. However, US-led airstrikes deliberately targeted oil resources and the Syrian government as well as US-backed Syrian Kurdish fighters have retaken most […]

Will Modi Quarantine? Netizens Urge PM to Self-Isolate Ahead of Much-Awaited Ram Temple Event

The Ayodhya Ram Temple issue dates back to the 16th century. The Babri Mosque in the city was demolished by a Hindu mob in December 1992, who claimed that the mosque was built at the birthplace of Lord Ram by Mughal Emperor Babar. Nearly 2,000 people lost their lives in the communal riots that erupted […]

Grounded Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips For Surviving The Giant World

A good spot is in the early going near the Mysterious Machine, since you’ll be spending a lot of time in that area. You also can’t go wrong building near a landmark like a fallen juice box–or even inside a soda can. These locations drip juice you can drink that’ll refill both your hunger and […]

Coronavirus lockdown | COVID-19 widened educational divide: UNESCO report

Resources unavailable outsideSchool closures also interrupted support mechanisms from which many disadvantaged learners benefit. Resources for blind and deaf students may not be available outside schools, while children with learning disabilities or those who are on the autism spectrum may struggle with independent work in front of a computer or the disruption of daily school […]

Israeli aircraft hit Syria after squad tried to bomb border fence, military says

In that incident, reported by Israel early on Monday, the military fired on the squad. Surveillance video showed the group engulfed in an explosion. An Israeli military spokesman referred to them as “former terrorists,” suggesting they had been killed.

Swimmer dies after being attacked by rare brain-eating amoeba

Mr Gray had visited the park as part of a church mission group and Rev Justin Lowe, senior pastor at Sedge Garden United Methodist Church, told the Charlotte Observer: “Our church family is deeply saddened by this loss and our prayers are with the family in this time of grief.”

Techo Electra Saathi Electric Moped Launched In India: Priced At Rs 57,697

The company claims that the scooter can be charged to 100 per cent between 3 and 4 hours. In addition to fast charging, the reports also suggest that scooter to feature regenerative braking, which will result in enhanced riding range. The company also claims that moped will take just 1.5 units per charge, which works […]

Work from home: Build a super-functional home office for $1,200

I’m only including one of these in my recommendation in order to keep you within the thousand dollar budget. But if you can afford it, I strongly recommend you get two. Dual-monitor setups will substantially increase your productivity. Here’s another option: if you want dual-monitors and you want to stay within the budget, consider my […]