Over 500 Channel migrants land in Britain in just three days including a toddler today taking total arrivals this year over 4,000 as France demands £30million to stem the tide

‘We could see something very similar to what we saw in the Mediterranean three or four years ago where the word will get out that all you need to do is get out on to the English Channel, you will be brought into the UK and it’s very unlikely you’ll be returned.’ 

This is my last chance to bring peace to Total War: Three Kingdoms

What follows is a years’ long conflict involving many hard-fought battles, and one in which it’s increasingly difficult to stick to my rule of not attacking enemy armies. The Total War AI will generally run away from any superior force, and it’s very difficult to chase down an army that’s marching away at full speed. […]

The tiniest victim of Beirut blast: Girl, 3, dies of her injuries following explosion… as thousands of protesters take to the streets in anti-Government protests

‘The participants agreed that their assistance should be timely, sufficient and consistent with the needs of the Lebanese people, well-coordinated under the leadership of the United Nations, and directly delivered to the Lebanese population, with utmost efficiency and transparency,’ it said.

Burkina Faso: Mali-based militant group claims deadly attacks

UN peacekeeping missions in Africa CAR: Sexual abuse scandals making headlines MINUSCA, the UN’s mission in Central Africa Republic has not helped to improve the image of the United Nations in Africa. French troops have been accused of sexually abusing children by the Code Blue Campaign. Three years on, victims haven’t got any help from […]

Viral Video Seemed to Show BLM Storming a Church. The Real Story is Much Darker

In the late ’70s, Koletas enrolled in court reporting school, where a classmate gave him gospel tracks and invited him to her IFB church. He converted and, in 1980, made a vow that he’d join the Marine Corps if Ronald Reagan won the election. After Reagan won, he kept his vow — and became engaged […]

A Church. A Viral Video. A Campaign To Discredit Black Lives Matter.

IFB churches are some of the most conservative in the country: Women can’t serve any function in worship, but are also not allowed to wear pants — even pajama pants — and are strongly discouraged from cutting their hair. IFB believers don’t drink, do drugs, or gamble. Many send their children to IFB schools or […]

Afghanistan declares Eid ceasefire with Taliban

The ceasefire offer comes days after an intense battle between Afghan forces and the Taliban to control the strategically important city of Ghazni. At least 150 soldiers and 95 civilians were killed in a five-day siege.

Ultimate Big Brother: Polly Hudson’s awards for best conversation, most unlikely housemate and more…

Winner: BB3s Tim Culley who furtively shaved his chest under the covers, cleverly making sure no-one could see but forgetting about all the cameras. Also said Comprendez? and was revealed to be a secret ginger. Left the house to discover, to his amazement, that people found it quite hard to take him seriously. Became bitter […]

The 43 best movies on Disney+ right now

Watch on Disney+ Behind the scenes of Avengers: Endgame How visual effects made battles bigger and Hulk smarter in Avengers: Endgame Five mind-blowing post-Endgame theories that could totally change the MCU Behind the scenes with the visual effects heroes from Avengers: Endgame Big Hero 6 This 2014 animated feature is set in the fictional, futuristic […]

On difficult but beautiful trekking route Ta Nang-Phan Dung

Getting sweaty and dirty as we made our way, we opted to take a difficult, rocky side route to reach the might Yaly Falls of Binh Thuan Province’s Phan Dung Commune. We climbed through the slippery, moss-covered rocks that would have been impossible to grab on to if it had rained the previous day. The […]