Poetry book of the month: How to Fly by Barbara Kingsolver – review

Whenever a novelist takes flight into poetry, one has, however unreasonably, misgivings – based on a received, under-examined idea of poetry as an exclusive vocation. And with a novelist of Kingsolver’s stature, the last thing one wants is to see her as an impostor. I had imagined myself putting How to Fly quietly aside, but […]

Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver review – a powerful lament for the American dream

Her most famous novel, The Poisonwood Bible (1998), follows a Baptist missionary and his family into the wild Congolese jungle, as he realises the so-called savages are just as hard to tame as the terrain. The arrival of an unprecedented swarm of orange butterflies on an Appalachian mountainside serves as a fiery warning about climate […]

Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver – review

Byron hires Dellarobia to help him to make sense of the strange apparition on her land and in the process of learning how to help him, she acquires a self-confidence she had been denied by her lack of education and by her poverty. It is a story steeped in biblical metaphor: the monarch butterflies transform […]

‘Big Hero 6’ Movie Review: A Classic Animation Film

Here, Hiro meets his brother’s colleagues that include: GoGo Tamago (Jamie Chung) the sharp-tongued and punky engineering genius, Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.) the well-built but overly-precious laser specialist, Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez) a pretty and naturally talented chemist and Fred (T.J. Miller) the eccentric soft hearted slacker.

Is Bath Britain’s most backward city?

The situation is very sad. The WilkinsonEyre Dyson building was a very distinguished piece of architecture and the Holburne extension as well. Meanwhile the pastiche Georgian SouthGate shopping centre is going up. It seems that if it’s custard colour, it’s good. I do think the preservation people wield undue influence. The rejection of the Dyson […]

John Bolton can publish book despite efforts to block it, federal judge rules

Trump on Thursday called the book a “compilation of lies and made up stories” intended to make him look bad. He tweeted that Bolton was just trying to get even for being fired “like the sick puppy he is!” Other administration officials who figure prominently in the book, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, denied […]

India’s review of Confucius Institutes riles China, says treat them in ‘fair manner’

Wednesday’s review is also scheduled to take up the 54 memoranda of understanding signed by central universities and institutions with Chinese universities. This exercise, besides evaluating the academic outcome of the agreements, will also take a hard look at compliance issues. For one, if the universities, colleges and institutions took permission from the Centre (until […]

City of Vincent turns to automation to handle misinformation and hateful trolls

“Social media is critical to engaging with the City of Vincent community. It is important that our social media interactions are managed securely, pass technical audit, and maintain state record keeping compliance,” City of Vincent executive manager of information and communication technology Peter Ferguson said.

Diary of a friendship deepened by despair: It’s summer’s most shattering book – the bond of tears and love that drew two mothers together when they both faced losing a child

Pat I’m in Cornwall with Jan and Dom, visiting Dom’s older brother Greg, 19, a student down here. We’re staying in a holiday cottage attached to a hotel, and I want to make the most of these precious few days. But I can’t relax whenever Dom is out of my sight.

Massive blizzard could be one for the record books

All the ingredients have come together for a massive snowfall and gale-force winds, causing white-out conditions and dangerous flooding. The winds initially picked up warm water from the Gulf of Mexico; now the storm is taking much more moisture from the warmer-than-usual Gulf Stream, and swirling slowly over Virginia and Maryland.