See inside a city run by children

By the end of the second week of this year’s play city, children in one section of the city had built a small wooden island that floats in a lake in a public park. A travel agency was soon opened to offer trips to the island. “So you imagine you get on a plane and […]

Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, spent career breaking barriers

Harris’ record in San Francisco and then as California attorney general, the top law enforcement official in the state, came under close scrutiny during the run-up to the 2020 primary. She has described herself as a “progressive prosecutor” and won her first term as district attorney on a platform opposing capital punishment — a position, […]

Open or closed? Live music or not? Here’s our running list of Baton Rouge’s reopened bars

Laguna Beach Daiquiris, 8028 Florida Blvd., Denham Springs. — Throwback ’90s Party with DJ Apparatus at 9 p.m. Friday, and Downfall at 9 p.m. Saturday

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 5’s New Operator Is Based On A Real-Life Soldier

After leaving the armed forces, Sentmanat worked as a correctional officer before becoming a law enforcement officer where he spent a good portion of his career in SWAT. His bio on Real World Tactical’s website says he was involved in more than 800 operations before retiring in 2016 and starting his own business. You can […]

Delhi Govt’s Claims Fall Flat as Reality Exposes Shortage of Beds, Ventilators in City

“As my brother developed the symptoms, I took him to three different hospitals- Ram Manohar Lohia, Lok Nayak, Guru Teg Bahadur- across the city where the hospital staff not only refused to admit him but also refused to check on him,” Nanda said. It was then he had to rush his brother to a hospital […]

Anthony Caro: a life in sculpture

Caro was born in Surrey in 1924. His father was a stockbroker, and it was assumed, although not by Anthony, that his son would follow in his footsteps. The family was Jewish and as the persecution of Jews in Germany became increasingly obvious, his mother arranged for a school friend and her three children to […]

Akon Says His City in Africa Will Be Like Real-Life Wakanda

Akon told us why the city’s centerpiece will be a 5,000-bed state of the art hospital, which he says will cost about $1 BILLION alone to build. The hospital is part of the first phase of construction, which Akon says will also include residences, hotels, schools, police and fire stations, an airstrip, a mall and […]

Joe Biden Selects Sen. Kamala Harris As Vice Presidential Running Mate

The vice presidential pick carries increased significance this year. If elected, Biden would be 78 when he’s inaugurated in January, the oldest man to ever assume the presidency. He’s spoken of himself as a transitional figure and hasn’t fully committed to seeking a second term in 2024. If he declines to do so, his running […]

SARAH VINE: Beware turning a staycation fantasy into reality… country folk don’t want their way of life disrupted

We then discover the bombshell news that ‘the new parents went on to hire a second night nurse’, who apparently ‘did a fine job’ (phew), but ‘because of the incident with the first nurse, neither found themselves comfortable sleeping through the night without going to check on Archie regularly’.

The Latest: Sarah Palin offers running mate advice to Harris

Biden stops short of embracing some of the progressives’ most aggressive timelines for eliminating carbon pollution from the U.S. economy, but Gore has praised Biden’s climate agenda as ambitious and necessary. And Gore says proposals to overhaul the energy grid and retrofit existing infrastructure and buildings will create millions of new jobs.