New York’s death toll nears 1,000 as ventilators and a Central Park field hospital are expected this week

The NYPD advises members with underlying conditions who want special accommodations to seek permission to work from home, the official said. The department is advising pregnant staff members to do the same.

Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen Carries Out Several Strikes on Sanaa – Reports

Rajeh Badi, a spokesman for the Yemeni government, reacted to Guterres’ statement, saying that the UN must exert pressure on the Houthi movement to observe any ceasefire, and that the government forces act strictly in self-defence. A day later, Hizam al-Assad, a member of the Houthi politburo, said that the rebels would welcome any ceasefire […]

Coronavirus Roundup: Bay Area Residents Inspire; Recommendations For Expectant Mothers; New Cases, Deaths

Mountain View City Council Approves Additional COVID-19 Relief, Suspends EvictionsMountain View City Council passed another $800,000 relief package Friday night to help local small businesses, local homeless and people with unstable living situations, in addition to suspending evictions through the end of May. These relief efforts, known as TogetherMV, will be combined with a local […]

5 things to know for March 30: Coronavirus, strikes, trades probe, China, North Korea

Employees from two essential players in coronavirus commerce are planning strikes today. Workers for the food delivery company Instacart have accused the company of not providing enough protections during the pandemic. They are demanding safety items including hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and sprays, along with hazard pay and an expansion of coronavirus pay to include those with underlying health conditions. […]

UK’s coronavirus outbreak is ‘starting to slow’ but deaths will keep rising, says government expert Neil Ferguson as he suggests up to 2million people might already have been infected

‘Until this new coronavirus was identified, there were only six different coronaviruses known to infect humans. Four of these cause a mild common cold-type illness, but since 2002 there has been the emergence of two new coronaviruses that can infect humans and result in more severe disease (Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East […]

Dr. Fauci predicts America’s coronavirus death toll will be ‘100,000 to 200,000’, millions of people will be infected and says lockdowns will NOT be lifted next week like the President wants

‘There’s not enough ventilators. We need thousands of ventilators in Michigan. There’s not enough N95 masks. We’ve got nurses who are wearing the same mask from the minute they show up from their long shift til the end of that,’ Whitmer said.  

Jo Wood reveals coronavirus WAS the cause of brother Paul’s death as she calls for change while sharing theory COVID-19 ‘escaped from a lab’

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Ireland’s coronavirus death toll soars by nearly a third in just 24 hours to 46, with 2,615 confirmed cases

‘But we do have to work on some basis when it comes to planning, so we are planning for a peak kind of between the 10th and the 14th of April, around that time.’

Ruby Princess passenger and a man die of coronavirus bringing Australia’s death toll to 16 – as the country’s infection count soars to 3,929

‘All of us have to assume that we have it, so we make sure we exercise precaution at every turn. This is the best way we can contain the spread and the best way we can have some comfort that there won’t be stricter conditions that people will find very difficult to live with.’

Dozens of Turkish soldiers killed in strike in Idlib in Syria

Turkey is unwilling to take in any more Syrians on top of the 3.6 million refugees it already hosts. In an effort to secure its southern border, Ankara took the unprecedented step of sending thousands of troops and convoys of equipment to Idlib in the past three weeks, leading to direct clashes with regime forces […]